Looking for a Gun Smith

Discussion in 'Cast & Blast' started by Mr.E, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. Mr.E He called me an Elitist ?? LOL ..what a moron

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    Can anyone suggest a good Gun Smith in my area? I need to get a trigger job done one a few SG's.
  2. Bill Dodd Bill's in a time out.

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  3. Cliff Member

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    You also might want to call Kesselrings, way up north near Burlington. I've had some trigger work performed on a Browning sxs 20ga, as well as having my chokes opened up on my old L.C. Smith 16ga. They did good work. Kesselrings is a very long-standing, well respected family owned business with a good rep, but I've noticed they've had a changing roster of smiths over the past several years. Link: http://www.kesselrings.com/new/

    You can also try Stan Baker Sports, in Lake City Way. As most of you shotgun guys know, Stan passed away a few years ago, and his nephew is doing most of the work now. Last year I dunked my Model 11 20ga in Crab Creek, after taking a nasty fall into the icy stream. The shop did a good job of disassembling the gun, drying it out, lubing and putting it back together (which is not such an easy job for an A5 design). Link:http://www.stanbakersports.com/

    Good luck,
  4. sheetfly Member

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    You might consider Olympic arms on Old Pacific Hwy. I dont remember his name but he made me a new ejector on my Remington 12-C and told me it was a pleasure to do no charge!
  5. SightCast6X americanshotgunner.com

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    Try Larry Conley off of Highway 9 north of Woodinville.

    Snohomish, WA
    Tuesday - Saturday 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM
    I have had him work on AR's, Remington 700 Rebarrel, Citori cleaning, and handgun work. The gentleman works out of his home workshop and also likes to Fly Fish.

    Call him with confidence.
  6. Cliff Member

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  7. Jeremy Floyd fly fishing my way through life

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    I have had both rifle and shotgun triggers done by several different folks but none even come close to the quality of Christensen Arms out of Utah. They do amazing work. They offer many different triggers or will work on your existing one. Worth sending it away for.

    If you want local I would go with Kesselrings also.
  8. Smalma Active Member

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    Kesserling has treated me well and back up their products/work. If you are interested in guns a couple hours at Kesserlings is always of interest

    Plus I'm involved in a couple DU committees and they have been more than generous in support DU's efforts.

    Tight lines