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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by mebjen, Mar 30, 2012.

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    OK - so I thought when you bought a new boat (clack 16' ssg) that the skies were to clear and the waters would become calm - oh, maybe that doesn't apply to WA or OR. Probably best though - it is giving me time to get her outfitted correctly without the rivers beckoning her . . . .

    So here's my question: I just got the new Minn Kota 101 RipTide yesterday afternoon - got it unpacked and slapped it on the boat (boat came with motor mount bracket / also - I'm putting 3 Grp 31 Blue Top's in the front seat compartment) - what I immediately noticed was that the the anchor system and the minn kota were not going to work well with each other. As I was pondering this last night and this morning - it seems to me that the 'transom' mounted anchor would'nt work all that well anyway because the foot release is at the rowers seat. So I am wondering, what have members found that works best - an additional anchor off the back corner which could be operated by hand or a bow mounted system?

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    I am not familiar with your boat model, as I had a 16' LP which has a different interior configuration. But, you might want to call Clackacraft and ask them, which is what I did when I was considering adding a small outboard motor.

    On my boat, I could have moved the anchor arm to one side, and I believe they had an offset kit that would realign the rope over the the side where the anchor arm was positioned. They also have a bow drop anchor bracket, but I don't know whether that will work with your boat either. I didn't want to move my anchor arm to my solution, that I used for a time, was to simply put a rope cleat near the bow of my boat and handle the anchor by hand. But that wasn't altogether satisfactory, so I just sold my Clacka last fall and bought a Hyde that has enough room on the transom for both the anchor and the motor.


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    OK - so the guys at clackacraft gave me two options: 1-an offset arm for the transit or 2-the bow anchor. I've chose to go with option 2, the bow anchor - we'll see how that goes.

    hoping the weather will cooperate this weekend - for her maiden voyage . . . .
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    On the SSG model, you have two seats up front and none in the rear on your boat, correct?
    Another option if the front anchor doesn't work well for you would be to look at a LeeLock anchor release.
    You could eliminate the foot release. You simply stand up and turn around to release or retrieve your anchor.
    Only downside is if you needed to ever seat anyone in the back they'd be dodging the anchor rope.

    Congrats on the new boat.
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    Hi Stonefish,

    I did opt for the rear seat in the back - it'll make it nice for running the electric motor.
    So the Leelock wasn't really an option because of that . . . .
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    I like a bow mount. I had one on my old boat and it came in handy several times.
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    Do both! This is on a 14 fter! I have never owned a drift-boat without dual anchor systems. it gives you way more options.

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