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Discussion in 'Cast & Blast' started by ghflyflinger, Dec 3, 2012.

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    Has anyone ever heard anything about Pridezion Labradors formerly RockCreek Labradors? I saw this breeder online and they looked different than most just wondering if anyone has any experience with them and can give some feedback. Thanks.

  2. Benjy Active Member

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    No experience with them. Looked at their page, they don't really look like sporting labs.
  3. Upton O Blind hog fisherman

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    Looks like show and service Labs.
  4. Kaari White Active Member

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    If you're looking for primarily a pet, they would be a fine choice. If you're looking for a more athletic dog for hunting, go with a breeder that hunt tests their dogs. Locally, Long Hollow Retrievers, Rocking M Retrievers or Wind River Retrievers all produce good hunting dogs.

    Be sure, at a minimum any labrador breeder you look at OFA's hips and elbows, CERF's eyes and tests for EIC and CNM all of their breeding stock.
  5. Chris DeLeone Active Member

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    I just got a 18 month old "started" female - I Got her for $2500 - she can mark, run blinds, and be cast on land and in the water. She is a Field Trial "wash-out". This is the second dog I have got like this and have loved it. I talked to a few breeders and their idea of a started pup was doing marks and sitting/steady and that was a minimum of $3,000.

    I have a 6 year old house lab - love her but she is not a cold weather duck dog and my family does not do puppies - we don't have the time. It took some doing and many phone calls but - she has fit right in with our household and loves the love my 8 and 5 year old girls give her. I think dogs like this understand being on a truck or a soft bed - and like the bed.
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    Brushwater dogs. Thats where I got my Chessie :)
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    I got my, now 10 month Golden, from Zanri Kennels, just across the border in Surrey BC. They specialize in hunting Golden retreivers and
    are worth a look if you are interested in a hunter. My pup has already been on pheasants and retrieved his first wild duck on Tuesday.

    I know we all have our favorite hunting breeds so go for a Lab it that's your favorite. Just be sure that you are getting a hunting line. Makes all the difference when training to hunt.
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  8. Alex MacDonald Dr. of Doomology

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    Bushwacker, you made my day! Our two girls are not spring chickens, and I'd like to find a breeder of field trialers to continue having Goldens in the house. They're the greatest dogs in the world (IMO)!
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    Alex, couldn't agree more. A great size for a wrestling match in the family room and the best companion for those long periods between flights when sitting in a duck blind.

    When my last Golden passed on a year ago, I was surprised to find how few of the many golden breeders were raising hunting dogs. I suspect that is due to the popularity of yellow labs. However, up in BC they are sill are into hunting Goldens. My dog's Alaskan sire had 20 plus seperate web sites on his various accomplishments at field trails.By going up to Surrey, we were able to meet the mom, who again had good field trial record, plus great looks, and concluded we couldn't go wrong.

    I'll send on a picture as soon as I can figure out how it's done
  10. xdog Active Member

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    Yes post a picture!

    Does your dog look like this one?