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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Solitude, Oct 13, 2013.

  1. Solitude

    Solitude Member

    I am in the Tacoma/Seattle area and am still looking for an inexpensive pram. I tried a 10 foot jon boat, but was not impressed. I fish out of my pontoon boats, but would like a pram, so I can take my fishing buddy (French Bulldog) with me.

  2. Jim Riggins

    Jim Riggins Member

    There's a nice pram in Battle Ground for I believe $350 on craigslist
  3. Solitude

    Solitude Member

    Thanks Jim.

    I am going to check that out right now!
  4. TonyZ

    TonyZ Member

  5. Solitude

    Solitude Member

    Thanks Tony. I saw that and tried to get in touch with them, but have not heard back.
  6. Jeff Dodd

    Jeff Dodd Active Member

    I know a guy on Whidbey selling a very nice 8' Smith Brothers mahogany boat for $650. Comes with oars, and two anchors. It looks like it is new and was built just a few years ago.

    PM me if you would like contact info.

  7. Solitude

    Solitude Member

    Thanks Jeff. I sent you a message.
  8. tightlines411

    tightlines411 Member

    There is 10 foot aluminum pram made by redwood manufacturing on CL for $1250. If it were closer to me,
    I would buy it. This is a highly desired pram that rarely is advertised for sale. Do yourself a favor and spend
    alittle more for a lifetime boat. You will not be disappointed. The seller has great pics. Take a look. If you
    have a problem finding the ad, pls let me know.
  9. Lue Taylor

    Lue Taylor Lue Taylor/dbfly

    Oct 14 12 ft. boat in the CL just put in Pram Boat side bar of CL should come up
  10. Solitude

    Solitude Member

    I saw the ad for a white v-bottom 12 foot boat, but not a fly fishing pram.....am I missing something?
  11. tightlines411

    tightlines411 Member

    send me a pm