Looking for Custom Rod Builders...whos the best??

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by poirierpro, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. Ok guys my name is Mark Poirier and I'm new to this site and I am wanting your help! I'm looking for a new steelhead rod and I'm thinking about going custom. So in your opinion who is the best custom rod builder in Washington...the Northwest...or even in the country. And why?? Any information on how I could contact someone would be great. I'm just trying to do as much research as I can before I purchase. Thanks for the help! This site is great!!
  2. Kerry Burkheimer or Bob Meiser.

    You'll have an opportunity at the Clearwater Clave (Saturday, September 29th put on by the Red Shed Fly Shop) to cast each of their offerings and feel the 'why'.

    It's a great event that's free, plus there will be many, many rods and lines for you to experiment with from great makers.
  3. I'd only add one additional name to 'Gator's List.' Gary Anderson (Gold Hill, Oregon). Excellent designs, the 13'6 7wt 2 hander in particular. :thumb:
  4. Thanks for the replies guys. But I'm looking for a single handed 9'6" Sage Z-Axis custom built rod...do these guys do that?? I guess all I'm asking is who does the best finish work. And if there is a difference from builder to builder on a factory blank?? What kind of guides work best for that blank??
  5. I don't know that Meiser does that, but you should ask him; he's on this board. Or burkheimer??? I'm sure for the right price they would consider it.
    Fetha Styx does do stuff like that.

    "Who's the best?" is pretty subjective. I would look at a number of rods (or pics) and decide what you like and go from there. A good custom rod builder should be able to do anything you like. I like attractive finish work, but I like it clean. I look certain color combinations, certain handle work. SOme custom builds I've seen have had a LOT of work put into them, but I don't like them cause they looks like something from an old lady's house. I don't like wood handles, feather inlay, fancy engraved reel seats with pictures of a fish in the creek. BUt a lot of people do, so when deciding on a builder make sure you like the work they do.
  6. Thanks Sloan for the info...it seems like you and I have the same taste. I've been talking to a guy by the name of Dave McNeese and he had emailed me some pics of his work but the pictures he sent were not that great so I couldnt get a good look. Has anyone here delt with Dave McNeese?? Any info on him or his worksmanship?? I like a clean looking rod aswell but I have a great appreciation for exceptional epoxy work.
  7. I have a couple of Dave Mcneese built rods and he does a fine job and I have been very happy with them and Daves communication and workmanship are great. I dont know if Bob Meiser builds single handed rods anymore, GREAT ROD BUILDER!!!! May be worth getting ahold of him and seeing if he would make the z axis you want, Hes a great guy, builds BEAUTIFUL RODS that perform amazingly. You wont be disapointed with a rod built by Mr. Meiser. Kerry Burkheimer does build single handed rods but I believe he only builds on blanks rolled by himself. And they DEFINATLY WORK@!! And as Fred mentioned Gary Anderson also builds some GREAT RODS!!! Again I think he specializes in spey rods but he may do single handers. Im sure there are numerous other builders who may even frequent this board who could also build you a great rod . Hope this helps and good luck. Kevin
  8. Thanks Kevin! I've been trying to look for a website for these guys and Gary Anderson does NOT have one nor does McNeese. I would just like to see a few pictures of their work. What do you think of your McNeese rods. How is the epoxy work? And what do you think of silk thread for the wraps?? When I talked to Dave he said you used silk thread. What are the pros and/or cons of silk? Man this site is SWEET! The people here are great!
  9. Gary Anderson in my opinion builds a beautiful rod elegant and attractive without being gaudy...
  10. Mark check your pms. Kevin
  11. Gary Anderson will build you a rod on any blank you want, and I know that Meiz used to do this frequently so I suspect he will now. Problem may be in getting a particular rod blank in a reasonable amount of time (this being a new rod line from Sage).

  12. Steve Moran is a local custom rod maker that might offer what you are looking for. You could at least stop by his shop and take a first hand look at his craftsmanship. His shop is located at 6107 E Trent in the Spokane Valley.
  13. I took a rod building class in Sequim from a custom rod builder in Port Angeles a couple of years ago. His work is very good. PM for his phone.

  14. McNeese is one of the first Sage authorized custom builders. He's been doing it for years, and doing it well. He's a picky man and this particular quality shows in his rods. I know that Burkie also does single handed rods, but I'm not sure if he does custom work on anything other than his own blank (if he does, I plead ignorance!)
  15. I have one of his rods and he does beautiful work. He will do any Sage rod as long as they sell the blank.
  16. Has anyone seen, or own, a rod built by Wayne Johnson from Caldwell Idaho? How does his work compare?

  17. Check out Jim Mercer, Fetha-Styx. He is in Redmond Wa. Google will find his website.
  18. Anyone????

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