Looking for first toon. Help please.

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Danielocean, Sep 13, 2013.

  1. This depends on how often you use it. Vinyl can be okay. Just heavier than Urethane. The outer cover would be more a concern I would think. Try to find a PVC coated over the nylon covers.
    If you are going to hit it hard and heavy, then nothing wrong with spending more. I do believe you get what you pay for.
    The frame is another issue. Aluminum for the weight factor. Check welds.
    Skykomish is a nice boat for sure. Might want to look a little further into the U shaped pontoons. There is a day / night difference between them and the two individual pontoons.
  2. I would stay away from a vinyl bladder. I bought a bucks bag used off of this forum that had a vinyl bladder. I got two trips out of it before I had a problem with the seam. I would go with the better bladder material. If I were to buy another (I have a skyhomish and a bucks bag that is lighter but mostly used for a loaner) it will be a frame-less. I never use these as often as I had expected and the set up time and weight are deterrents to how often that I use them.
  3. Vinyls certainly don't have the stamina of Urethane, but I know a bunch of people that have Vinyl bladdered boats. Outcast offers a few. I still think the outer cover is the important part.
    Frameless is awesome specially for transporting, but I do so love my framed boat. Sit higher out of the water.

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