looking for good western washington nymph patterns...

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by hydefrom666, Oct 14, 2009.

  1. i would like to find some nymph patterns to keep me busy tying all winter and so that im good and stalked up in the spring....please help....
  2. iagree ??
  3. Hydefrom666, maybe this should be in the "Patterns" sub category instead of "Fly Swaps". Fly Swaps is the location where someone hosts an exchange of patterns for a group of individuals based on a fly theme. Your nymph idea could become a swap if you so chose.

    As to recommendations. I just got a great nymph pattern book by Jim Schoolmeyer out of Frank Amato Publications. Just got it but it has a ton of patterns that will allow you to fill your box over winter while snowed in down in Eagle-Craw WA. This is just one google search example of books and source for where you might find it. Check the public library too, some branches carry such books and you can have it for a few weeks at a time for the cost of gas to pick it up. I found this book and another from the same publisher, both used in mint plus condition and spent about one Andrew Jackson. Good luck.
  4. well sry about the wrong forum thing and thank you for the advice

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