Looking for info on Soap and Rattlesnake

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  1. I'm over in Ephrata for a shooting competition and was thinking of hitting Soap Lake. Anyone have any info on if it's fishable or is it too hot? I was also thinking of trying Rattlesnake on the way home. It's up by Cedar Falls off of 90. Anyone fish that one recently? Thanks, Steve
  2. as far as I know Soap Lake is barren
  3. Soap Lake is barren. As you go down that coulee the lakes get more Alkaline. So Lenore is only suitable habitat for the Lahoatin (sp, sorry) The closest water that would probably fish well is Rocky Ford. I would check the lakes for temperature before fishing....It's probably pretty warm in that part of the state. Lenore and Dry Falls are both good special regulation waters.
  4. Well, I guess I'll scratch Soap off the list! Thanks for the info.
  5. Just came back to Spokane that way yesterday. Lenore looks like crap, algae mats floating everywhere, off color water
    and not a soul on it. Stopped at the Dry Falls overlook, no one on it either. Saw one fish dimple the surface in about 10
    minutes. I watched 3 coyotes sneak and try to ambush some baby ducks, actually going into the water after them. No
    luck for the coyotes. I've never seen that before. As far as the fishing I would say check out Rocky Ford.
  6. Wow, just looked on the map. I didn't realize I was so close to Rocky Ford. It's just a few miles from where I'm staying. I'll probably run over there early in the morning just to check it out. I've never been there but heard you can watch some big fish swim around.
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  7. There was a good "old people" hatch going on in Soap on Friday morning. They were there for the "healing waters" and the mud. I'd never seen a gathering like that before.
  8. So, did you make any new friends? - or get healed?

  9. I was a tad further north at Blue Lake. Too hot and the fish were wayyyy deep.
  10. Wondering when I went by Friday afternoon, lots of people in the water and both campgrounds looked like "Ghetto Camping"
    going on. Didn't have time to stop and get healed up!:)
  11. Bring the rod, tie on a scud, and catch a couple of those zombies.

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