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    Can anyone possibly tell me the history on a Heddon Pal #8359 Mark II Fly Rod 9' Fas-Tip Action and what it means when it says line "B-GBG or GAF" also looking for date of manufacture, possible value (if any) along with same information on two automatic fly reels. One is a Heddon Automatic Free Stripping No. 57 and suggestion for line useage, and another automatic reel a Pflueger Superex No. 755 and same information please. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thank you and good fishing.
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    In the old days, fly lines were assigned letter designations based on diameter. I think this was a carryover from the days when fly lines were made from silk. The AFTMA changed this to the current weight-based system in the early 1960's. The following conversion table indicates your rod would take a DT8 or WF9.


    Your rod is an old Heddon fiberglass rod, probably made in the 1950's or 1960's. I'm no expert of fiberglass rod values. You can probably find info on the internet. A good source of information for value and history is the fiberglass fly rodders forum - http://fiberglassflyrodders.com/forum/

    Hope this helps
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    Mr Bowden,
    Thank you I will definitely look up the sources you provided and hopefully it can shed some light on my questions. I am hoping to find out more about the companies that made these things and even though it may be necessary to know value for insurance purposes only there is no price tag you can place on sentimental value. Once again sir thank you very much.