Looking for opinions (or Eld Inlet vs. Offut Lake)...

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by die_ziege, Aug 14, 2002.

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    Ok, here's the deal. A friend and I plan to fish down in Thurston county this weekend. I'll be fly-fishing, he'll be spinning and this is a first time for him... I'd really like to try the Sound for searun cutts and Coho (I have a spot in mind) BUT I'm a first timer at salt. The other option I have in mind is to rent a boat at Offut Lake and just to some trolling/dry fly stuff... I guess my question is this: If I get some appropriate patterns for searun cutts and/or Coho as a first timer, do I really have any chance of catching a fish in the Sound? I'll explore the salt eventually, but I'd like to get this friend of mine hooked on fishing, i.e. having either he or I have a decent chance at catching something...
    Second question: Anyone on here fished Offut? It sounds none too challenging, but probably a good place for a first timer and some beer-drinking red-neck fishing...
    Thanks in advance for any comments...
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    When I hit Offutt I always use a Black or Olive (Green) conehead leech trolling of course or a nice strip when hanging in one spot, and i have never left without catching a trout. You may want to consider using a 10-15ft sinking tip since it has been a tad hot the last couple days. Good Luck