Looking for Outcast valve adapter in Seattle/Tacoma area

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Rob Hardman, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. Rob Hardman Active Member

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    Any suggestions on where to check? Anyone have an extra they might part with? Need one in the next day or two, so must be in stock, preferably somewhere on the I-5 corridor between Seattle and Tacoma.
    I've struck out at West Marine, Puget Sound Fly Co, Gig Harbor Fly Shop, and Sportco. West Marine had one for the Halkey-Roberts valves, so I grabbed one to try, but didn't work. I guess the Leafield valves on the Outcast boast are a little different.
  2. shawn k Member

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    instead of burning gas driving around looking for a 4 dollar part call nrs or outcast and have them overnight it to you.
    if you need it that fast. everytime i have ordered something from nrs I have it in two days.
  3. Rob Hardman Active Member

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    Thanks for the advice, but I need it by tomorrow night. With the holiday this week, and my experience with vendors telling me they'll "overnight" a product, I thought I'd be best off trying to find it locally.
  4. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    What kind of pump do you use? You should not need an adapter that twists into the valuve to hold it in. Use a pressure fitting of a section of tubing that fits inside the valve ring. Problem solved. I do this with both my K pumps and don't worry about any stinking valve adapter!
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  5. Rob Hardman Active Member

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    That's the thing; I bought the AIRE/Outcast branded pump, and it came with three tapered fittings. The largest fitting was still too small to make a pressure seal. I rigged up some O-rings on it last night and it sealed well enough to inflate. I just hate having to rig things up to work "well enough" when there's a correct tool for the job (that one would think would have been included with the pump made by the same folks who chose to use a Leafield valve). Why include any fittings at all if you're not going to include the one that fits your own product?
    -rant over-
    Anyway, not a huge deal. Thanks for the tips.