Looking for Reports: Fish Lake (Chelan), Pass / Lone Lakes

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by David Holmes, Jul 14, 2005.

  1. David Holmes Formerly known as "capmblade"

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    I always feel lame asking for fishing reports without providing any of my own, so I'll post some of my recent fishing activities after this plea.

    For this upcoming weekend I need to get some fish on before I go out of town and I'm torn between trying Fish Lake (NE of Lake Wenatchee) and doing aLone Lake/Pass double header.

    Has anyone been to Fish Lake lately? How has the fishing been and, equally as important, how has the wind been treating the lake?

    Thanks all.
  2. Backyard SANCHO!

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    Lone and Pass are fishing well, but lone is starting to warm up a bit. Best to hit it early morning then hit pass in the afternoon. Damsels on lone are still hot as well as flashy baitfish patterns. Pass has some decent dry fly action along the shorelines, but stripping bigger streamers at dark is still the shit.
    (pm for the patterns)

    I've been hearing fish lake has been giving up smaller bows easily on small streamers. Dunno about the wind.

    Hows the new house?
  3. chadk Be the guide...

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    Fish lake is a no brainer. Expect wind (but be pleasantly surpised if you don't find any - especially at mid morning and just as the evening bite should be kicking in as well. Fishing is best for me when there is a slight chop on the surface. If you can deal with the wind, you can catch fish. A boat with a motor is a must. Rent one from the Cove Resort if you need to. You can work the structure for the occassional monster brown trout and when you get tired of that, a variety of colors of wbuggers well get er done trolling in the lake.

    If the wind is strong, head upwind a good distance, use a fast sinking line or some other way to stay down, and just let the wind blow you back to your starting point. There are some hog bows in that lake, but most will be 11-14inches.

    But if you want to avoid the bait boys and fish for quality over quantity, try the other lakes (if they aren't too warm yet).
  4. David Holmes Formerly known as "capmblade"

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    Chris -- The new house is great, thanks for asking. We're still unpacking and its a slow process. I can't get anything done because if the weather is nice I'm always out hiking or fishing.

    We're about to leave for another road trip to Colorado with a stop over in Vegas on the way back. We'll leave Casey with the in-laws and go crazy for 4 days. Can't wait. I'm trying to decide what to wear to the Fetish Ball. I was thinking maybe a leisure suit. Or maybe tassles and a thong.

    I will likely fish Kalama on the drive back up. I swear I'm going to get a steelhead there this year. And if he's a hatchery brat I'm going to bonk him and eat him and assimilate his fish powers which will increase my fishing prowess.

    PM me the patterns for Pass Lake!
  5. Backyard SANCHO!

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    I recommend the tassles and a thong. Make sure you take some photos for Oldman. :rofl: :thumb:

    Mid July - August was pretty hot last year for the Kal steel. Goodluck!
  6. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    Word of warning. Fishing and the Old man don't mix. They are like oil and water. bawling:

  7. Islander Steve

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    Pass and Lone are both fishing well. Like Backyard said you will want to hit Lone early, although I've had some good success right at dusk. I have to go to Anacortes on Fri. and will be going by Pass around 4pm. I plan on fishing until maybe 10 or so if anyone else wants to hit it, I'll be in the orange toon.