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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Olive bugger, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. My longtime friend and fishing companion, my wood pram, is showing signs of needing retirement. The wood is getting soft in a few places so I think it is time to replace it.
    I have fished from float tubes (donuts) pontoon boats, prams and aluminum boats.
    My quandry is that I want something I can haul in the back of my 1/2 ton Ford F100, quiet on the water and easy to carry to the lake side. I am mostly a flat water fisher now that I am retired.

    I have considered the Outcast Fish Cat, toons, plastic prams, and alum john boats.

    In a boat, I would like something I can stand in to cast and row to drag a fly.

    I hate the idea of putting on waders and flippers for a tube, but I could do that if the rewards were great enough.

    Anybody got an suggestions that might be helpful.
    Thanks for looking.
  2. I would look at the Dave Scadden one man pontoon with the slide out floor. It can be used with an electric motor for lakes, you can stand up, and you can use fins to troll if you want. (way better than rowing as you have your hands on the rod!) It will fit in your pickup bed. Rick
  3. Thanks for the lead Rick. I will see if I can find one to take a gander at.
  4. I love my fishcat 4 float tube. I love my fishcat panther 9' pontoon (sits low and fin kicking/rowing/motor options). I love my new to me used outcast PAC 1200. This one has a low rowing seat which I might try to elevate for better visibility, but I like it so far. I've never owned a pram or drift boat. I hope you find what you will be comfortable with and have many enjoyable years on the water.
  5. I picked up a 14' aluminum boat with two 40lb thrust trolling motors, two batteries with trailer for 400 dollars on craigslist. I love it,, I love it,, I can stand up and fish I can fish further down the lake and quicker then I did in my pontoon boat, I can bring more on the boat. I can still troll the same way I did with my pontoon boat, no rowing just the electrics.. Man what a way to go. I don't know why I waited so long.

  6. Sorry, Wooley bugger,, my mistake,, I didn't that you want a boat to put in the back of your truck.. In that case then get a pontoon boat like the scadden,, just a little spendy but well worth it.iagree

  7. I fish lakes pretty much exclusively and currently have 7 floating craft, ranging from a 22oz Curtis raft (soon to be sold), several other float tubes and a Watermester to a 10'x20" Osprey and a 10'x16" Scadden Skykomish Sunrise pontoons. I get as much use from my Outcast Super Fat Cat as I do for all the rest of them combined and times two or three.

    My suggestion would be to get the SFC first and then get a 'toon later.

    Why? The SFC is a lot cheaper than a pontoon, lighter, rides high in the water, is quite easy to propel with fins, easier to transport across moderate distances without a wheel or cart system, and folds down to the size of a sleeping bag when deflated.

  8. I too have a super fat cat which I haven't used for a couple years now. Granted, if there is a river nearby, I would way rather fish there than a lake, but if I am on a lake, I really like to be able to stand up to cast, spot fish and relieve myself occasionally, so I take my drift boat if there is someone else to fish with, my Scadden if I'm by myself, and my Fat Cat if I'm going to fish Lenice etc where I need to walk in. Rick
  9. Well, I have never fished out of a u boat or a v boat. I did have a donut a few years back but it got old and I did not trust the seams. I also have a pram as I said. I like the pram because you unload it into the water, get in and fish. Getting it to the water is the problem but then again there is the issue with the waders. I am beginning to think that I should just bite the bullet and get the Fish Cat and use my new waders and old fins. I like fishing out of the donut but getting in and out was always a challenge.
  10. Sounds like maybe you might consider selling your SFC to Olive bugger!

  11. Olivebugger, bite the bullet and sent Rick Todd a PM, seems like a win-win.
  12. The thing is, I have a place over on Big Twin Lake. I also have brothers, son-in-laws, brother-in-laws, and friends who don't have any boats and so I'm the source for boats when we have gatherings. Also, I didn't fish Little Twin last but heard very good reports and usually have my boats on my neighbors dock when I'm over there, but the Fat Cat is a good one to jump over to Little Twin for an afternoon of fishing, so I probably won't be selling it! Rick
  13. Now my wife thinks I have WAY too many boats (and then I bought Josh Root's raft last weekend to help him with a vet bill and have a boat for whitewater on the lower Methow) but I'm sure I can justify every one of them:). So if you could contact her, I'm sure she would sell it! Rick
  14. LOL, I am still on the fence about the pram. I probably won't be needing anything until come spring. At my age, I don't do anything fast. Some things not at all.
  15. I've owned and fished out of all: pontoon, tube, but for what you're looking to do, especially keep dry and not have to put on waders, Stand and cast, don't forget relieving yourself (I carry a port-a-john), the pram is the way to go IMO. I recently bought an 8' ultra light aluminum welded pram, which is so light, I can lift it easily. It fits in the back of a Toyota truck and its pretty much maintanence free. Can leave it outside, not worry about pumping it up, corrosion, or durability. I used it in the salt for Pinks and it did well. Plus you can mount a double anchor set up and it doubles as a Chironomid fishing machine. Go see what the guys in BC use, and you'll quickly be a convert into the pram world.
  16. I think you have hit on what I really want and need, Yellowlab.
    Would you care to let me know where you found it and what
    the addons are. I would like to get in touch with those folks.
    Thanks for the input.
  17. I would second this. It will be a lot less hassle to trailer something light and drop it in. Buy a use 14' aluminum boat and a used canoe on craigslist and you will be covered. The 14' boat will give you great versatility.
  18. Well, I already have a 14 duroboat. I was looking for something that I could use on small lakes without having to haul the trailer along. I would have to take off the 8 hp motor and then put on an electric on most lakes anyway. I think i will stick with the pram or the v boat.
    This would be my back up go to the little lake and catch the little fishies, boat.
  19. I have a Skykomish Sunrise ST. it is a little big, but really fun.
    works great in moving water and still.
    I took it out into the Nestucca Bay, handled the salt without an issue (D rings picked up a bit of rust)
    I might buy an 8' boat if I could do it over, but I love my toon

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