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  1. thanks for adding so much "knowledge" to this thread... :rolleyes:

    as far as indicator/bobbers are concerned, the only thing I don't like about the Thingamabobbers is the way they kink the leader. I just started tying my own nymphing leaders to get around this. A short butt section of 20lb Chameleon (couple of feet), another couple to three feet of 12 or 10lb Chameleon, a 3-4' section of tippet to first fly, about a foot or two to the dropper. Usually one small split shot is plenty to get it down. I attach the bobber to the second stretch of Chameleon (10-12lb). Once it gets too kinked for my liking, I swap it out (I'll carry a small spool of both 20lb and either 12 or 10lb). I like the Chameleon because it seems like it's stiffer than UG and takes a bit more time to really develop major kinks in it. I also never have enough weight to really need anything larger than the 1/2" indi. This setup will rollcast like a dream with nearly any rod I use it is also plenty easy to overhead cast because there is so little weight (just make sure that you open up those loops). One final thing is that when I tie nymphs, I'm usually tying them really sparse and thin so that they don't require much weight to drop through the water column (plus, if you compare most nymphs to the naturals, the naturals are often much skinnier than the typical nymph).
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  2. As far as the casting problem, I just lift the indicator out of the water at the end of the drift (which can also elicit strikes), and then flip the whole thing straight upriver, sometimes with a haul as I do it. It rarely tangles, then you can just roll cast to get it father out into the current. I rarely deal with overhead casting because it's often too much trouble.
  3. Just my humble opinion, but this thread wasn't about what some retard personally defines as fly fishing.
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  4. Troll. Don't feed it. It'll just keep coming back.
  5. The ones i like the best are these...not sure if i did this right....but they are awesome for re-adjusting for different depths, stay on well, and last reasonable well. Line goes through the middle with a little loop to release when a fish hits so that the indicator moves up and down the line....great for fishing chironomids and nymphing


  6. Thingamabobbers work great. You need to learn to roll cast and buy a tapered indicator line (which is also great for streamers)
    Havent found anything that works better or has more size variety. Generally i use black or clear ones for steelhead.
  7. I'll write one up real quick and get it to you. After all, it's only my opinion that counts.
  8. I realize that this is an indicator thread, but just a quick side note on lines, and what works good...great, in fact. I picked up the Rio Pike/Musky line for the majority of my nymphing. It has a pretty aggressive 29' head with an additional 12' "handling" section. So far, this has been (and it's not even close) the best nymphing line I've ever used. It stack mends nicely well into the "handling" line (check out the taper on the Rio website). The majority of my nymphing takes place well within 40' out, then a long downstream drift (the thinner running line is VERY easy to maintain your drift). I've also played around with swinging flies with it & it actually really excels at this as well. I wouldn't want to throw a 15' T-11 tip on it, but for what I do (dry line), it works very well. It works great on both my Fisher 6/7wt (my primary trout nymphing rod) and my Steffen 7/8 (my primary steelhead do everything rod).

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  9. I like the FishPimp indicators... they work well!
  10. Wow, I did not realize what a raw nerve I was touching in stating my opinion about using bobbers. I had no idea that bobberizers feel so bullied by those of us who do not use the floats. Based on the ad hominem attacks against me I can only surmise that the plastic plunkers know that they are not really fly fishing and thus must make personal attacks against the messenger rather than explaining why bobber fishing is fly fishing. If you have a point of view which explains bobber fishing as something more than fancy bait fishing then say it, don’t just attack me. I said in my initial post that it was my opinion, if you don’t like it, tell me why you bobber fish, but don’t ever say that there are situations where you can’t catch fish any other way. That is total hogwash. You can always swing a nymph/scud/small egg pattern at the appropriate depth. Yes, you will catch more fish with the bobber, but do you really want to?
    One thing more, if you must bobber fish I strongly suggest using a balloon instead. Try inflating a small balloon to the size of lemon and attach it to your line. You will find it is easier to cast and more sensitive to what is happening to the fly underneath.
  11. welcome to society. people have different opinions, some, for an odd reason or another, even believe their opinion is fact..

    sorry, I fed it
  12. Don't get so butt hurt. When you act like a clown you generally get treated like one. It's happened to me too.
    If you want to have the "Is it flyfishing" debate then start that thread and have at it, instead of derailing one where someone has a legit question.
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  13. This is similar to what I do when running bounce rigs, or heavy nymph rigs. I water load the rod. If I am in a boat I will do a back cast and let it land in the water, then I will lift the indicator up and do my forward cast. You can get some great distance with heavy two fly rigs by doing this, and it is a must when casting a bounce rig

  14. tipper indicators work great for me... just saying
  15. Ha, I remember making that same comment as kmudgen years ago...before I moved to CO. Now, although I still do not understand it when people are nymphing under indicators when a great hatch is on, I respect the method and use it frequently. Living here has made me step outside my traditionalists ways and I have become comfortable and confident fishing dries, nymphing with and without indicators, streamers, etc. you name it! I would still consider it fly-fishing....you are fishing with a fly, right? I have easily caught the 25 biggest river trout of my life here in CO. Of those, 4 were caught on dries, 8-10 nymphing with no indicator and the rest nymphing with an indicator.

    Anyway, to the question; I hate thingabobbers too. When indicator nymphing I use hot heads or fish pimps (no kink). Fish pimps if I think I'll be changing from dries to nymphs frequently.

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