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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Speyguy, Dec 27, 2003.

  1. Hi, I fish mostly the sky, skagit, and grande ronde. I am looking for sometime to drift the sky and do the car shuttle gig. I have a driftboat and a pontoon boat, but need someone to fish and do the shuttle.

  2. What if I do not fish with a Spey rod? I do however love steelheading. I just do it with a single-hander. Is that okay?
  3. I would be willing to go with......I would be fishing with a 10'6" single hander though. However, i did just get a spey rod, so it would be a good opportunity for me to pick up some good tips. I am also refitting an old wood drift boat that will need to be taken down the river soon, seeing that i live only 45 min. from the sky, i would be very interested in floating it a couple times before going myself. I have a somewhat flexible schedule next week.
  4. Hey Long Rod Silver.

    I don't mean to be offensive, but are you any relation to Long Dong Silver who sits on our Supreme Court?

    Bob, the Just Wondering:rolleyes
  5. Hey Bob,I've seen that name before but not where you did. I saw it in a XXX movie. But I don't remember the name of it. That was in my youth,a very loooonnnngggg time ago.

  6. he he...yea. that is my pick up line:thumb
  7. Terry,
    Drop me an email at dc_chu@hotmail.com as I would be interested in offering the shuttle.

  8. I'm happy to oblige. I fish the Skagit, Sauk, Stilly, Sky, and Snoqualmie. I've floated the Skagit (Marblemount to Rockport), Stilly, and the Sky. I also go to Oregon as much as possible to fish the Deschutes and the N. Umpqua.

    I have a pontoon boat and my SUV is equipped for heavy towing.

    Drop me a line at mtp1032@comcast.net.


  9. Hey Micheal
    Where have you been.Have not seen a post in a while !!


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