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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by philos, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. philos

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    I have a Simms Headwaters camo pack that would be great if the pack did not dig into my back-I have tried to remedy this but do not know how so my search goes on.

    I m hoping to have a pack perform double duty as a early season archery pack and fishing pack so camo or drab green is preferred.

    I already have a sling pack and love it but I want a back pack that would hold a rod tube and few clothing items-something in the 1500-200 ci would work for me.

    Any suggestions?
  2. simms guide pack or the outcast version
  3. Alex MacDonald

    Alex MacDonald Dr. of Doomology

    Can't say much about any pack for archery, but I assume you're a compound shooter? It will make a difference since you can stow the wheelbow and use trekking poles, which are really nice with a heavy load, especially on and descents. Are you looking for a day pack or a serious "get-me-up-there" pack?
  4. philos

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    I am looking for a day pack to hold few items for early deer season when I am out for the day only. Probably would not use it for hauling game meat so a light duty pack will work. I want something I can use for the dame day trips for fishing also if possible.

    I would like something that will not make my back sweat so a mesh panel creating air flow would be nice if possible.

    The bow storage is not a priority but would be nice. I usually have a bow sling covering the ends of my bow and I can use that along with a backpack.
  5. Freestone

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    If you want a pack that fits well, you might look at actual pack companies vs fishing companies. They have invested a lifetime in pack design and fit and while they may not have fishing-specific features, they will work and they usually will be a lot more comfortable.

    If you want a comfortable pack that can be adapted to work for various trips, you might check out the hunting and military packs by Mystery Ranch. http://www.mysteryranch.com/hunting

    Also,Granite Gear has long been known for making packs that fit and are comfortable as they have system of components that swap out or adjust to fit different torso lengths, waists, etc. They not only make awesome award-winning hiking packs but also have a huge business making packs for the military.
  6. philos

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    That is good advice and I tried to do that very thing few months back and found nothing in the right colors for hunting.

    What is your opinion on the KUIU 1850 if I get the bag only and not suspension?

    Link below to KUIU

  7. Freestone

    Freestone Not to be confused with freestoneangler

    Looks like it could be good but it's always so hard to tell online and I've never seen one in person. You might also check out Kifaru if you haven't already done so.
  8. golfman44

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    orvis gale force is on sale right now and is awesome. 2 rod tube holders as well. its grey so not sure about the camo
  9. Allan H

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    I agree with Freestone, looking into hiking or backpack companies Vs. fishing specific bags will give you more options. I've been looking into buying my first day pack and I'm really liking the stuff made by MAXPEDITON Corp. Specifically the Typhoon pack: http://www.maxpedition.com/store/pc/TYPHOON-BACKPACK-12p1577.htm
  10. freestoneangler

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  11. Salmo_g

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    If somebody can invent breathable waders and now even offer a waterproof zip fly for waders, when are they going to get around to offering lightweight, full featured packs that are actually waterproof? Apparently that's more difficult than rocket science.
  12. Alex MacDonald

    Alex MacDonald Dr. of Doomology

    My Nimrod Pinnacle system is great, and the hydration is closed-cell foam, so if I put some ice in the water bag, it stays icy most of the day! However, carrying arrows for me is a problem. I finally got one of those wicker quivers 3Rivers sells, lined it with bunnyrabbit, and strapped it to the back of the pack. It works, but not as well as I'd really like it to. I've used every pack you can imagine from Alice gear and rucks to Eberlestock, mountaineering packs and external frames like the old Kelty Mountaineer with a B-$ bag. The lumbar and fanny packs I've tried run pretty much the same gamut, including the Catquivers. The Cats work well, but you can't return the arrow to the quiver without taking the pack off your back. That's why I went to the Nimrod. Can't say enough good about it, and since it's modular, I can easily convert it from archery to rifle. I love the pack!
  13. wik

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