Looking for the best 5wt. rod under $350

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Dminus88, Feb 9, 2003.

  1. Dminus88 New Member

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    Hi everyone, Im a new poster on this site! I just thought id send out a post because im in the market for a new 5 weight rod. I'm prefering to have something that is semi-travelable and is at least a 3 or 4 piece. Anyone have any suggestions, or locations where to find some good deals?
  2. mtlhead Member

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    I'm short on time right now, but I wanted to give you a reply. I have been building on the Dan Craft blanks for awhile now, they are real sweet and you can't beat them for the money. I just sold one to a board member that goes by Nailknot ( robelam@msn.com ), send him a message and ask for a review of the rod. I can also answer any questions, just drop me a line at res173r8@ verizon.net
    I'd be more than happy to fill you in.

  3. Tim Cottage Formerly tbc1415

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  4. fly15 New Member

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    How did you find those rods on ebay I just went on and couldn't find either rod. I typed in sage fly rods and got only one match which was a sage spey rod.:dunno

  5. Kaari White Active Member

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    >How did you find those rods on ebay I just went on and
    >couldn't find either rod. I typed in sage fly rods and
    >got only one match which was a sage spey rod.:dunno

    I had no problem finding Sage SP's... "sage fly rods" in the plural was probably what messed up the search.

    Try keyword searches like "sage rod" "sage 5 weight" (always click the button that will search the description as well as the title).

    I bought a travel rod last year on eBay that I really like. A 5-piece, 5-weight, redington Wayfarer. Love it- the tube fits in the water bottle holder of my backpack, medium-fast action, and I found out early that the warrenty is VERY good (I broke it the 3rd time I took it out). Total cost was around $130 off of eBay.:beer2
  6. steve New Member

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    I'm also in the market for a 5 weight travel rod. I have a three peice bamboo fly rod and a 6/7 weight St. Criox that I'm trying to sell (see classifieds, but I'd be willing to trade both of them for a decent 5 weight if anyone is interested. My phone number and e-mail address are in the classfied section with the add.
  7. wheelbarrow New Member

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    I agree with the Sage SP suggestions. Also, look at a G Loomis GLX. Those are sweet. Another one to keep an eye out for is a Scott STS. They don't make them in weights below 6 anymore, but you can sometimes find the 5 weights for sale on eBay or elsewhere. If you find a 4 piece 5 weight STS that you don't want, let me know!
  8. onthereel New Member

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    i have a 4 piece st.croix legend ultra.
    not sure of the exact price, but it should be right around there. i think it's a great rod, and has served me well.
    i also use a 8wt sage sp, but in terms of casting, i like the st.croix.
  9. rockymountain_brown Senore Member

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    I would recommend either St. Croix or Sage.Redington is also decent. Thomas and Thomas are superb, but over $500. I have a sage 5 weight that i bought for $300, it's a great rod. I also have a little 7'6" Redington 4 weight, excellent for small streams.

  10. Big Ben Guest

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    Whoa!!! for $350 you can get two!

    First of all you don't need to spend $350 to get a good rod. You can pick up a G Loomis GL3 travel rod for about $175 on E-bay. Take the money you saved and either buy a St. Croix Avid 7wt or an Orvis Battenkill LA reel and extra spool. You might have enough left over to buy every John Gierach book he wrote!:beer2
  11. Denny Active Member

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    How proficient a caster are you? And, what type of fishing is your favorite - lakes, rivers, etc.? I believe some of you choice should reflect your answer(s) to these questions. For example, if you're an aggressive caster, a softer rod wouldn't be to your liking. And, if you like to fish rivers and usually use big bugs, then a stouter, faster 5 weight might be preferred.

    I would generally echo the comments about the SP. Sage is an incredible manufacturer of fly rods, and this is from a guy who owns St. Croix, Redington, Loomis, Orvis, Lamiglas, Sage, and Scott. The SP was/is a wonderfully diverse rod. My only know with the multi-piece model is the odd numbered pieces (i.e. 3 or 5; I have a 5 piece SP). I prefer the 4 piece because I can treat it like a 2 piece, and fit it into a 2 piece reel-on rod case when I'm not travelling. The odd pieces make that, well, odd. I also have a 4 piece Sage XP, and I usually grab it first primarily because of the even piece configuration.

    Scott makes a good rod line, for the money,called the Alpha (SAS) series. The price is in the middle 200's, and with the savings, I'd go buy a Ross Cimarron 2 reel (I have two Battenkill large arbor reels, one on my Sage 590-4XP and one on my Scott S3 590-4, and although the Battenkills are good and look cool, the Ross is a better value and a tougher reel).

    Not to take business from mtlhd, but I surely wouldn't go the custom route. If you break your factory rod, the repaired rod comes from the factory ready to go. If you break a custom rod, your rod comes back with a replacement piece for the broken one, then you have to get it to the guy who built it for you, etc. Been there, done that. My first premium rod was a custom Loomis IMX 6 weight. After the fourth time I broke it, and had to pay for the 4th time to get it re-wrapped, the rod was traded in for a factory rod.

    The custom guys will tell you their rods perform better, etc. (uh-huh; tell that to Steve Rajeff and that ilk, who use factory rods to kick everyones butts in casting competitions); the biggest benefit to a custom rod, in my opinion, is you get to pick the colors and the fittings on the rod. That's not enough incentive for me, but to each his/her own.

    You can email me offline if you want more input. I own or have owned St. Croix Legend Ultras, Sage SP's and XP's, Loomis GLX's, Scott S3's, Orvis T3's, etc., and would like to think I should be able to give you some decent perspective based on using and owning good rods.:thumb
  12. jditto New Member

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    This is an honest heartfelt reply and i dont want to anger anybody but i would suggest forgetting about the cost and go to a shop and casting rods until you find the one you like. then you will know the best rod. if you cant afford it now, then save those pennies until you can. it is my humble opinion that if you spend any amount of money and you are not happy with what you get, no matter how much of a bargain, then it is wasted money. i feel that the rod is your most important piece of fishing geer and it should be the one that feel the best to you regardless of cost. any way, my 2 cents and good luck on the search! jer:)
  13. Twilightman New Member

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    Just a thought....if you join Trout Unlimited as a lifetime member, you often receive a free rod, usually Sage or Winston. They also sell sage sp's in their lifetime members only section at a very good discount.
  14. Cactus Dana Miller

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    What is the price for a lifetime membership?
  15. Kaari White Active Member

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  16. Bob Triggs Your Preferred Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing Guide

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    The sage VPS rods are nice and affordable. A medium action rod, very durable and versatile. They used to be called the RPL. They discontinued them briefly then rivived them with nicer hardware and a new look on the same taper and modulus.And the eternal warranty too. I have an old SP+ and I love it for sea runs.