Looking for the best coastal river floats

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by grandma grann, Jun 9, 2014.

  1. grandma grann

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    Okay i'm kind of a new butt I have caught the steelhead bug, i'm ready to start floating some coastal rivers. I'm trying to figure out what coastal river is the best for steelhead fishing and also semi safe for drift boating? What patterns are working?


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  2. stilly stalker

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    the lower sky sure is an easy float

    I see youre in Kingston, Id recommend that you call Waters West fly shop in PA and see what they say about the current floatability of the OP rivers.
  3. grandma grann

    grandma grann Member

    Thanks I sure will

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  4. Cruik

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    Most popular is the Bogachiel from the Hatchery down to Wilson's. It's a generally easy float, but you should research it. I believe there was a fatality in March immediately after launching at the hatchery. It can be a very crowded stretch. There just aren't many coastal rivers that have summer steelhead planted. I think only the Calawah, Humptulips, and Wynoochee, though all in much lower numbers than winter fish. A lot of the systems get trickles of wild fish, and some get a not insignificant number of strays, but the coast isn't known for its summer runs. Does anyone know if any of the tribes plant any summer steelhead?