Looking for U boat or fat cat type??

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by pwoens, May 9, 2003.

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  1. Looks like I need something a little lighter than my pontoon for some super secret walk in areas? I guess I am looking for a U boat or preferrably a super fat cat or fat cat?? Drop me a line if you have anything. I would like something that keeps your butt out of the water a little????

    ~Patrick ><>
  2. 10% Off Online Sale on Float Tubes

    Right now, there is an online sale on the Trout Unlimited Togiak, as well as float tubes in general. All float tubes are 10% off. The Togiak is rated at supporting 350 lbs--the same as the Super Fat Cat--and normally retails between $139.95 and $145.00--the same as the Fish Cat. It also is one of those designs that keeps your butt out of the water. After the 10% reduction, you're paying about $126.00. Shipping is an additional $10.56. Still, at $136.56, it's the best deal on this kind of a float tube.

    There are tons of sites offering this sale, but you can access them all by doing a search for "float tubes" via Bizrate.com. I stumbled across this yesterday. I'm thinking of going this route myself. I've never seen the Togiak at this low of price.
  3. I have sent a reply to your email address on yahoo.
  4. http://www.outcastboats.com/stillwater.html
    FISH CAT 4 139.00 at Cabelas or at your local fine Fly Shops...

    Or if you can find WW Griggs version of the FISH CAT 4 that sells for 92.00, this would be even BETTER.
    The WW GRIGGS has: duel PVC BLADDERS as oppose to Vinyl, behind the seat back brace bar,Identical durable nylon shell construction,crotch-seat snap to front bar brace,AIR Seat,AIR Backrest, and did I mention ALL this for only 92.00?
    I bought this from Sportco in Fife, not sure if any other stores carry this tube, did a Google search and couldn't find anywhere. I believe the Griggs Tube just came out couple month ago.
    Penny for penny IMO nothing touches this Float Tube, and I've done alot a research before finding this for my wife.
    If you have a bottomless wallet, buy Outcasts new version of the FAT CAT, its a work of art and nothing touches it regardless of price. I bought my FAT CAT couple years ago and it works awesome and built like a tank!
    I've learned a lesson to NEVER buy a float tube with VINYL bladders again, I've had 2 blow up on me in the middle of a lake. Don't compromise safety! Go Latex Urethane(BEST) or PVC bladders, and for extra safety wear some type of PFD, I wear the SOS PFD, it sooo comfortable!

    Good Luck!

    Peter ><>
  5. 10% Off Online Sale on Float Tubes

    for the togiak check out www,autosupplyusa.com/floattubes/html
  6. Hey pat, sportsmans warehouse has the WW Grigg tube for $90. Theyre pretty sweet. I was probably gonna get it before i came across the tube i have.


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    - Arnold Gingrich
  7. I used to know it all---but now I forgot it all.

    I have one of those float tubes and would be willing to part with it if the price was right. The Togiak,it's the tube that I made a ass out of myself at Dry Falls. I've only had it out once more and I am not too happy with it. Being that I'm on the big side of 250 it really didn't serve my purpose.

  8. Hey Jim--What went wrong with the Togiak at Dry Falls? It looks like I jumped the gun and ordered one before SkyCrys posted info and prices on the W.W. Grigg. At this point, I'm wondering how hard to kick myself for what I've done.
  9. I used to know it all---but now I forgot it all.

    I just answered this and hit the wrong button. So I will do it again. There is nothing wrong with the tube it was all just me. Just a little too big. But it is a doable for me if I could just remember what I have to do to make it work for me. Would highly recommend it for anybody.

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