looking for water proof digital that wont break bank?

Discussion in 'Photography / Video' started by Mark Horwath, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. I would like input on some cameras. Mark
  2. Fuji Finepix Z33 WP is my current point and shoot waterproof. Works great for my needs. Did not "break the bank" when I got it. I've used it in fresh, salt and chlorinated water many times.
  3. I have a 3 year old pentax optio W30; there are now newer, higher pixel models. My 3 year old point and shoot digital camera take great pictures in, around and above the water

    PM me if you'd like to discuss.

  4. Thanks for all the info I'am doing some shopping tomorrow.
  5. 2 ways to go on this:
    1. a waterproof point and shoot
    2. a camera with a waterproof housing.

    My recomendation to you is to go with #1 b/c #2 means another bulky item to packedaround...
    You can read a good review here:

    A highly recommended one is the Panasonic TS2, itll do good in and out of the water.
    http://www.adorama.com/searchsite/default.aspx?searchinfo=Panasonic TS2

    I'd also highly recommend this warranty!!!
  6. I use a Canon SD10 and like it fine.
  7. Thanks for info I think I'am going with the pentax w90 it has every thing i need the other cameras most likely do to,thanks again.

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