Looking to camp near Chilliwack, BC

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by nwtroutguy, Mar 29, 2014.

  1. nwtroutguy

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    Looking for some advice on any lakes around Chiliwack. Going up there for couple of days in July.

    Anybody fished Chiliwack Lake? Any luck?

  2. Jonnytutu

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    Not a lot of good trout lakes around that area.....just a few put and take lakes. Your best bet is to zip up towards Merritt, lots of quality lakes up that way. Only a few hrs drive....

  3. Super Dave

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    Hey my first post on this forum. I am also a member of Fly-BC There are no real fishing lakes around Chilliwack, including Chilliwack Lake. That lake is very very deep, very cold, and fishing not very good. If you are only around for a couple of days, I would venture up to Sasquatch Provincial Park where there are three nice stocked lakes. Sasquatch is approx 1 hour drive NE from Chilliwack. The Chilliwack River has fair fishing for both Rainbows, and Bulls in the summer even though it is renown for fall/winter salmon and steelhead river fishing. Depending on when in July you may hit a small summer run. The previous poster mentioned Merritt which is about a 2 hour drive from Chilliwack. Merritt is a mecca of stillwater trout fishing. Lakes like Roche, Tunkwa, Lieghton, and Salmon to mention a few prime trout waters.

    If we can send PM's here, fell free to send me one and I can maybe connect some dots for you, depending on what your final plans are.

    Good luck ...
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    Welcome to Washington Fly Fishing Super Dave!
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    If you're out this way in July, consider spending a day on the Skagit River. Lots of bulls and tonnes of trout willing to hit dries. Check out www.gofishbc.com for some additional info on some of the fishing available.

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