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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by aplTyler, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. Hey all,

    Steelhead rookie here (first fish this past week on the Klick). I'm newly relocated back to the PDX area and I want to fish the area rivers. I don't mind venturing out and fishing them on my own (I've been exploring the upper N. F. of the Lewis for trout) but I'd love to meet up with some other local steelheaders to further my knowledge of fly fishing for steelhead.

    I grew up fishing the Kalama, Washougal, and EF of the Lewis (spinners and spoons) and know some of the spots but as I said, I'm still not terribly Steelhead literate (fly speaking). I also am aware that the area rivers are VERY low and we need some rain to really get things cooking again.

    I'm not begging to see your favorite spots, learn your secret tactics, or any other possible inflammatory/suggestive responses that may occur as a result of this post. I just want to fish with others.

    I have several references on the boards of people that I have fished with before. I'm always willing to drive, bring the beer, and am a fun guy to fish with. Anyone care to head out this coming week and chase some steel? Or in the following weeks?

  2. I'm not a purest or anything, but I'd be game if you swing flies. Only cause we would perhaps be looking for different water if you nymph. I'll probably be out on Monday. Not sure where. Depends on weather and my wife's willingness to give me an all day pass. Was thinking about the Deschutes or Klick.
  3. Thanks for the response. I'm not a purist either. I don't really swing yet (I'm saving up for a switch package) because I'm not yet equipped. Soon enough. I have a few job interviews that have popped up for me from Mon-Wed (good stuff) but later in the week I'd be golden. I'm sure we will be able to get out sometime soon.

  4. Save yourself some cash and buy a real spey rod if you want to get into swinging. That's coming from personal experience of struggling with a switch rod and wasting time learning when I would have picked it up a lot faster with the right equipment. Once you learn how to cast on a spey rod you'll be interested in a switch for the right reasons (an unbeatable nymphing rod)
  5. Thanks for the advice Jesse. I'll definitely consider it. I was throwing a switch the other day with heavy nymphs on and did okay (double spey cast) but I bet it would've been easier with more reach/a spey rod.

    I appreciate it!
  6. Casting a 11' two handed rod "switch" is no different than casting a 13' rod.

    My 7110 z axis is my primary "Spey" rod. Where did this difficulty to cast a short two handed rod ever come from? I suppose threads like this one.

    Just because lots of bobberguys use short Spey rods called "switch" doesn't mean that's the only use for them. The. Swing has to do with how one fishes the fly not how how you choose cast it or dictated by rod length...

    Anyway, fish on!

    Those who struggle with a short Spey rod or "Switch" are just blaming the equipment for their lack of ability.

  7. Yeah, James hit this one on the head. SWW Summertime fishing is perfect for switch rods.
  8. You know. You can swing a fly with a single handed rod. :)

    Before I started using two handed rods about 8 years ago, I swung flies on my single hander. It does work! :) In fact, I'd go out on a limb and say, if you want to start swinging flies, and you get a two hander at the same time, you are going to get so wrapped up on learning casting, you are going to have a harder time concentrating on swing presentation. I'd start swinging on a single hander, then move to a two hander down the line. IMHO.
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  9. You can even spey cast with a single hander!
  10. True enough, I have spey cast with my single hander. I just thought that having a two hander would make things easier. That being said, I will probably learn on the single handed rod because it's what I have right now.
  11. Yeah you're right James. I'm still pretty new to the two hand game. I did find learning on the switch to be hard personally. It was difficult for me to feel the rod loading and when the sweet spot was in term of timing. I was using a 611 zaxis.

    When I switched to a Platinum 13'2 things really started clicking because the bigger rid slowed me down a bit and I could actually feel what was happening.

    That's why I would still recommend someone learning the fundamentals of spey casting on a full Spey rod. But yes, personal experience.
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  12. Jesse, your an alright guy! I wasn't blasting you personally...though it did sound rather pointed, happy to hear you have thick skin. My beef is with the term "Switch Rods" and all the confusion and misinformation the term has generated.

    My apology and respect to you Jesse,

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  13. you can swing with single handers just fine BTW
  14. That's what she said.
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