Looking to hook up or exchange quality fly fishing trips

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by muknuk, Jul 25, 2013.

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    This is a great forum and I have met many wonderful folks and I appreciate all of the folks that have put their valuable time into making it such a great place to connect. I am wondering if there are any folks looking for an extra guy on any upcoming trips or would like to exchange similar trips. I have been a pilot, guide, world wide traveler, instructor and am always looking for another adventure...anywhere the fishing might be special! I often present at clubs about how to travel and fish on a shoestring. From Alaska to Argentina. Please see my other posts. If you have another fisherman back out at the last minute or are looking for a an extra person to share cost I would be interested. Or my other idea is to exchange trips. I live on the Methow River now and would be happy to host another fly fishing person and teach you what I know in exchange for a similar trip. What do you think?
  2. zen leecher aka bill w born to work, forced to fish

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    I'll take you on a basin trout trip once the weather cools down.
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    Zen, you should let me take him. Maybe he would hate/love the Ford. If you head west I could take you out on Pass or Lone. I'm a stillwater guy mostly, but I also have hit the Methow for steel every year since they reopened it.
  4. zen leecher aka bill w born to work, forced to fish

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    Ira.... I have my eye on a Methow trip too. Maybe you should take him after I do. Then he can see how it should have been done.
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