Looking to trade a Sage GFL 890 DS for pistol

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by ewhitaker75, Jan 8, 2005.

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  1. looking for a .40 or even a good 9mm in exchange for a Sage 8wt with a NIB Ross Cimmaron No. 5. Lined with a SA Type IV WF sinktip
  2. I don't know much about sage rods. What wt. & length is it. Have a high point 40 cal. value about $175. Might be interested if you are. feel free to send a pm.
    see ya gridkid aka Shad Clark :thumb:
  3. it is a medium action 8wt 9ft, and as of now it has a NIB Ross Cimmaron 5 reel, would consider a Colt 1911 or Springfield XD .40
  4. Yer gonna shoot yer eye out kid!!
  5. Hey there "JW" let the grown-ups talk. :)
  6. I have a single shot .40 cal rifle with a custom shorten barrel and an extra 375 mag barrel. It's nickname is the PIG. No recoil but will take down an elk from 75 yards.
  7. I am still willing to part with it if anyone would be willing to trade...pm me if interested and I will send pics...
  8. ihave a belgium built browning hp in 9mm...any interest?? the pistol is in what i would call fair original condition
  9. You will trade this Sage DS only for a decent made (probably USA or Italy).40 semi-auto I have no doubt right?
  10. I would be willing to trade anything from a 9mm, .357, .44, or .40, What did you have in mind??? PM me if you are interested

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