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  1. I just found a bunch of old g-loomis blanks on the web . the person or group also have some custom builds for a good price .

    Blanks are =
    and some gl-3

    I have cast an im6 9' 5 wt. gary loomis sig. series rod and it was one sweet stick . just wondering if these IM6 blanks would compare .

    i also have a 12 wt. premier that i made into a columbia river gear rod that just takes a beating and has done me well for around 20 years . i used to use it for chinook on the fly but converted it .

    the IMX blanks were the top of the line back in the day .

    These blanks are said to be seconds and over stock and are selling from $59 to $79 just thought i would give a heads up on the blanks - all single hand lengths and wts. from 3 wt to 8 wt.

    Also some custom builds from cote's rod building - anybody know this shop ? i'm thinking on buying one of his custom light rod builds on a IM6 or IMX .

    I didn't know where to post this so posted in rod building encase anyone was interested in older g-loomis blanks . seems to be a good deal to me .

    On the IM6 blanks = winston IM6 rods go for a really good price used andI didn't understand why untill i cast the gary loomis signature series rod - it was just a great casting rod with "soul" my question would be what is the difference in the im6 blanks built for winston - loomis signature series - and regular im6 blanks - can anyone help with this ?

    P.M. for more info if interested , they are on a popular bidding website . Also i have nothing to do with the sellers just passing word and asking what you might think about these blanks . thanks for any advice !
  2. IM6 is just the modulus of the material, has nothing to do with how it is used on the mandrel.

    Not everyone needs a super high modulus rod, and not everyone likes them that has them. One of my favorite rods is built on a Batson RX6 blank, and I just like it's forgiving nature to cast. That is not to say that I don't have much faster rods as well, but I really like that rod.
  3. So what you are saying is that winston ordered they're own custom made IM6 blanks from g-loomis but all other IM6 blanks are junk ?

    The g-loomis signature series IM6 rod was not a "FAST STICK" it was far from it . it just plain worked and flexed with good reserve power .

    As far as (not everyone needs a super high modulus rod) please tell me what your point is ?

    The first and only rod build i've built was a 9'6" 6wt. full flex orvis osprey in 1981 and just had one custom built by orvis for me a few months ago by calling them and asking if they still had one of the blanks in stock and they did . i also fish with a 1985 orvis full flex 9' 5 wt. 4 pc. spring creek far and fine and a 1986 9'3" 2 pc. full flex orvis far n fine spring creek rod in 5 wt. I have used full flex orvis rods since 1981.

    The premier rod flex's nice - the gl3 might be the only FAST blank of the bunch but i know nothing about the IMX . I have been looking at the orvis super fine trout bums - super fine touch rods - and the older super fine (1970's and 80's rods) but if i could find a IM6 blank that casted and felt like that sig series g-loomis for "CHEAP" heck i'd buy it or build it . there is a reason these winston fans cherish these rods and it isn't because they are a super fast broom stick .

    Just looking for information on the IM6 - IMX - GL3 BLANKS -thanks !
  4. I have no idea how you got those implications from what I stated.

    IM6 for Loomis was around 39 million modulus. (considered a Intermediate Modulus) Most companies IM6 blanks are being cleared out for all of the higher modulus...ie faster/lighter blanks that have come out since the 39 million modulus graphites came out in '84.

    This on the other hand is exactly my point, and what the IM rods do very well The g-loomis signature series IM6 rod was not a "FAST STICK" it was far from it . it just plain worked and flexed with good reserve power .

    Winston typically likes to have a more parabolic action to their rods, and I imagine that IM6 blank to be similar. Loomis is usually the higher end the stick...the faster the taper. IMX would most likely be a faster action, then GL3, and the older IM6 the slowest.

  5. Hmmm - thank you for responding again ! i guess i just didn't know how to take your first response = my bad !

    Thanks for braking it down for me on the action's from IM6 to GL3 - IMX

    I know the gl3 rods in gear fishing and would consider them to fast for a fly rod that i would like . so the IMX being faster would be a bust also for my liking . The research i have done say's that the winston IM6 blanks they used early on were built by loomis and then wrapped or finished by winston .

    These rods go the highest on the used market by far - from $350 up to $600 for a used rod . even much higher then the renowned sage LL rods . I had to find out why and researched that these rods built on loomis IM6 blanks some say they are the best graphite rods ever built . but then you have tom morgan rods but i'm not counting private rod builders just big companies .

    My friend was new to fly fishing and wanted my help with casting last winter so he was coming to the park next to me and i was practicing single spey cast's with my rods while doing this . he was having a heck of a time casting so i checked his rod and line match . his mother in law worked at loomis and got rods for cost and had bought this fly rod for him 15 years before hand . it was a 9 ft. 5 wt. and just like loomis it looked like nothing special in the build - black real seat no shine nothing to look at . so i took it from him and started testing it trying to feel for its flaws that might have been making his day a hard one .

    Just a few notes - i had just purchased a SAGE 9' 5 wt. LL AND A 9' 6WT. SP and had tested them weeks before and sold both in a few weeks because of the soft tips and stiff butt's . the LL felt jointed to me with its super soft tip and fast butt section . the SP felt better but doing single hand spey's kept feeling the tip was going to brake at any moment , i had to back off the tip and cast with the butt more which i do not like to do . also had tested a z-axes in 9'6" 6 wt. salt water - great casting tool but lacked in feel . this i know is due to my orvis full flex following and slower casting stroke but could cast any of these rods with just a couple cast very well .

    Now when i started casting the 9-5 loomis i couldn't believe the action and "FEEL" . the flex was awesome and i could just do anything with it . I was trying to feel flaws in the rod as in - to fast of butt section - to soft of tip - to wimpy - to stiff - and i could feel none ! i started doing single spey's and roll cast's and it did it all without a problem . out of all the rods i tested last year that rod was the best in power - feel - flex and what i like to call "soul" --- the line was even 15 years old and we could not find out what line it was , i was trying to find out the line because everything matched perfectly so i wanted to know what line it was , never could find out .

    After giving it back and picking up my orvis full flex i had to admit to "MYSELF" that the IM6 was a better rod .

    The problem i'm having is trying to find out if all the loomis IM6 blanks were the same wrap or done on the same mandrel as the signature series blanks ? I found that someone stated that the first rods had gary loomis name on them and later on they had g-loomis on them . trying to find out if the signature series gary loomis blanks were a special taper that gary designed and are not like the normal loomis IM6 blanks ---- awwww the torture !

    All this is "JIMO" and the rods i prefer ! I claim no right or wrong in any of these rods just "WHAT I LIKE" because i know some of the rods i mentioned are some of the best rods ever built , and know very little about building rods or what the best might be for someone else . tight lines - mark

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