loomis trilogy spey rods?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by bankwalker, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. so i decided against getting a switch rod. cause i want to get away from single hand casting (i have a really bad wrist)

    so i got a good deal on a 13' 7/8 gloomis trilogy spey rod. it feels like a great rod and i cant wait to cast it.

    i also got some rio windcutter line to learn how to cast. also a good price on it.

    anyway just curious what people thoughts are on this rod? so i kinda know what to expect...im not expecting alot out of the rod. basicly its my first spey setup and will be for learning purposes and hpefully i might catch a couple fish along the way :)
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  4. You are doing better than I did when I first started...St. Croix Emperial Spey was my first rod...caught some but the spey thing turned out not to be me..at least for now. Good Luck, and I was kidding about a lot of that. But the trilogy was a pretty rod and short lived.
  5. lol yeah i figured. well its a great feeling rod and i hope it works out for me.

    i matched it with my okuma helios 8/9 with rio windcuter 7/8/9 line. the line and reel are basicly learning purposes only and if i end up liking the rod i will be upgrading my reel to a little bigger size. i had to strip about 80yds of backing off my helios to fit the line. but i still got over 100yds of 20lb backing on it. so im good. and the reel seems to balance the rod ok. i thnk a 9/10 or 10/11 would be perfect.
  6. I've got the same rod and like it. However, I use it off the beach. so I can't really speak to how it is as a spey rod. I've found, though, that it does a good job of roll/spey casting with good distance. Don't sell it short before you've fished it a while.

  7. well as long as it gets the line more then 70ft then i wont complain lol. ive only spey cast a switch rod and that was for only 5 minutes. so i really have nothing at all to judge a rod by.

    so for me if it casts and feels good then ill be completely happy with it. and it sure lookes pretty. the only thing i would change is the reelseat...which will happen if i like the rod.
  8. You should be able to hit 70 feet with both hands tied behind your back...
  9. well today was very interesting.

    a true spey rod is alot different to cast then a switchrod. BUT i did find i can overhead cast a spey rod about 100ft lol so its all good.

    i got alot of learning to do to get a spey cast down correctly. i had a couple young ladies who fly fish laughing thier arses off today. but then i grabbed one of their single hand rods and showed them a thing or two. :thumb:

    we had a blast fishing togather for the rest of the day, and even got into a couple trout so the day wasnt a total loss.

  10. When fishing ...a day loss is never a total loss :)
  11. oh yeah, me and the the ladies i met got a few really good laughs at my expense, there were a couple fish caught and i learned one very good lesson. spey rods are only as good as the guy using them LMFAO :rofl:
  12. The Trilogy series 2-handers were nice mid-flex, fast recovering rods that bend into the butt, but don't bend into the cork unless you really put the wood to them. They were (and still are eventhough they are no longer made) a good choice for folks who like a medium, mid-flex type of rod action with fast recovery.

    It sounds like you are new to the world of spey casting and 2-handed rods (one of the reasons you wanted to have more grs in the line than the 7/8/9 windcutter, which is the right size for experienced casters, has); therefore, I'd recommend you go up one line size from the rod's 7/8 line rating to an 8/9 line. In RIO Windcutters that would be an 8/9/10, in Delta's it would be an 8/9, and in SA short or mid-belly spey line it would be an 8 wt. Don't worry that these are different line size designations for the same rod because all these lines I recommended weigh within 20 grs. of each other.
  13. hmm maybe i will have to go try that SA short belly line. cuase right now i can not cast this rod at all and i even had some lessons from a friend today. and its a total pain in the ass i tell you that much. AND im a very very quick learner.
  14. yeah, i noticed your trying to sell this rod, do you think that you should give it more than 2 days of trying? i agree with ft, try putting a skagit line on it and then think about the switch rod.

    i just saw your recent post, have some patience dude, did you learn to single hand cast in two days?
  15. actually yes i learned to cast a single hand rod the first day i used one. i was able to out cast my buddie who has been strickly fly fishing for more then 20yrs.

    i was able to cast the sage z-axis switchrod about 30-40ft farther then i can cast my single hand after only 5 minutes of casting it.

    i spent 3 hours today with a buddie who has been casting spey rods for many many years and i just cant cast a spey rod. plain and simple.

    i can single hand cast the damn thing farther then i can double hand spey cast the damn thing.

    i baught the spey rod on a spur of the moment thing, when i really wanted a switch rod. but i figured that every shop i have talked to said spey rods are easier to cast then a switch rod i would get a spey rod in stead.

    i wont give up on it...BUT if i can sell it or trade it then i will. cause its not really what i wanted or expected it to be.
  16. throw a skagit on there and try it again. there's a lot of guys that say not to start out with skagit, but i think it's a good way to go for those who are on the fence on whether or not spey is for them. i have a skagit line i can sell you for cheap if you want to go that route.
  17. Hey Bankwalker. I remember when I first tried a two handed rod. After two days I was still CLUELESS:confused:. Wasnt until I took a couple of lessons and PRACTICED ALOT!@ that I was able to start figuring out how to cast better. When you say you can cast the switch further and better are you overhead casting or spey casting? If you are looking to improve on your spey casting I think you will still have problems with a switch rod. Granted switch rods are great for spey casting if properly lined but the same casting principles and techniques are needed to execute a true spey cast, Id say this applies to any rod when spey casting whether it be a single hand rod, a switch rod or a 16' two handed rod. If you truly want to learn to spey cast you have to put in the time. Dont expect to be effortlessly launching out 100' casts in a day or two. Take more lessons if needed. Some good instruction is priceless and quickly excelerates the learning curve. Try and have as many people critique and help you with your casting. Each will possibly offer you a tip that another missed and when you put all the tips together it will start to gel. I agree with trying a skagit type line or even a scandi style line. They are a bit shorter and load the rods easier and require you to SLOW DOWN AND LET THE ROD DO THE WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If your serious about spey casting you may want to keep that rod. You never know, once you get a good line match and start to improve with your casting it may be the perfect rod for your style and you will say " man glad I kept this rod!" Again dont expect to go out and throw it to the other side of the river right off. Just work on making a good cast with proper technique. If you try banging it out there and shooting miles of line into a cast your probably working to hard and working the rod to hard which will only lead to a failed and inefficent cast. SLOW DOWN LET THE ROD DO THE WORK!!!! The girls will be much more impressed with a nice effortless tight looped 50-60 foot cast than a water slurping rod whipping 50-60 foot pile of C___ in the water.:thumb: Good luck and stick with it, ITS WORTH IT!!! Kevin
  18. yeah thanks guys, im gonna go try a couple more lines and my buddie is taking me out for a couple more hours of lessons.

    and yes i was spey casting with the switch rod...

    so thanks for the advice. im gonna give it a couple more weeks of practice. if i cant get it by then then i never will lol
  19. ok i got a question...

    how would using a mono running line with say 60-70-80ft of floating line workout?

    have the entire length of floating line out of the rod to load it up? idk its just a thought i had. sence that was the line setup on the switch rods i have casted. and they worked out perfectly for me.

    hmm probably wont work but idk so let me know what ya think about that.
  20. Keep at it man. I'm a pretty proficient single handed guy, but a two hander is a total nother ball of wax. Having a lot of single handed fundamentals down helps, however, you can't expect to be dominating a spey rod in a few days-- let alone a few years. I've been mainly using a two hander for two years now and still suck! Lower your expectations, be patient, and have fun. It isn't supposed to be easy, which makes it all that much more thrilling.:thumb:

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