loomis trilogy spey rods?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by bankwalker, Dec 17, 2007.

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    Dead on Bro!

    I'm a reasonably good caster on several rods, but there are lines, and then there are lines (on a given rod). Half my lines have a 'magic marker' bar to tell me where place same to make a given rod 'work' properly. The longer the 'head,' the more important this has become.

    Now the 'good news.' BW, you really do need to take a proper lesson as what's happening is stuff you 'can't see' as you're involved with the cast(ing). Somewhere there's a built in 'basic flaw' in what you're doing. Frequently this takes a second set of 'eyes' to spot same; that's what the 'good caster' standing back and watching brings to your table.

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    Decided to go back and review this thread from top to bottom, as in 'what did I miss here.' A minor "Bingo!?"

    As the Brit's would say there are 'horses for courses' effective translation is not all horses run well on a give track. There are no bad rods, there are no bad lines (well, that's debatable:hmmm:) BUT there are really BAD combinations ..... especially for someone learning how to spey cast. What I think may be the real problem here is the Loomis blanks are Euro Action and as such are going to be quite stiff. And at 13' foot pretty darned short for a 2-hander.

    As someone whose taught many folks spey casting I'd never-ever hand them a Euro action to learn on. All 'mistakes/bad timing/etc., will just be magnified.:beathead: Secondly, you say the rod is a 13 footer which would require a very short weight forward line such as a Skagit or Scandi set up to properly load that short a stick. Even the Windcutter would have too long a head (grains over head length) unless you were already a reasonable caster.

    Hit the Speypages web board and check what line(s) folks would recommend with this 'stick.' Also hit the RIO web site and see what's recommended in Skagit/Scandi heads. (Think Airflo also has a comparable web site.)

    Please report back with your thoughts on the above.

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    This has to be one of the funnist threads that I have seen for some time. That being said the Trilogy is far from a euro action.
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    First off BW you sound like a troll. If you are not trolling to entertain us all then I will make a few observations.

    The first thing you should do is read Rio's line chart http://www.rioproducts.com/photos/file/Old Spey line recs.pdf and see what Simon recommends for your rod and a "B" caster. It really don't matter how great you are with a single hander, in the spey world you are a "B" caster. Fly Tyer's recommendation for the WC 8/9/10 is right on.

    It seems you have a preocupation with distance. FORGET THE DISTANCE, at least for now. There are more things to using a spey rod then to be able to cast a long ways. One of the advantages of a two hander is to take some of the stress off your body, ie, that cracked wrist you mentioned.

    For starters with the WC keep the color change at your hand when making your cast. With any advancment at all for some line shoot at the completion of the cast the color change will be at the rod tip. With your 13' rod/floating line, a 13' leader, and the color change at the rod tip your fly will be about 75' to 80' from where you are standing. This can be done with much less effort then with your single hander.

    While you are learning to spey cast with the WC keep your fly size in the 2, 4, or 6 size and stay away from bunnies and other water sucking type flies.

    It would seem you are in a big hurry. In my opinion your expetations are pretty short sighted.

    If you force the cast you will kill it. Hold the rod lightly and stay off the gas.

    It would help you a great deal if you'd stop comparing your two handed experience to your one handed experience. Concentrate on winding up with the color change near the rod tip.

    I would learn the Double Spey and Circle C casts first as that let's you fish both sides of the river in either wind direction. Some casting lessons from a competent spey caster would shorten the learning process but spey certainly can be learned on one's own time.

    Find a shop that speaks "spey". They will offer you mucho info on your casting and getting set up right.
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    lmfao thats funny right there.
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    im done with this thread...

    ive gotten alot of good advice so far and its helped alot. thanks to everyone.

    im going to take the rod to the next creekside spey lessons and get some hands on help. i may or may not stay with a spey rod. so far its nothing but hell for me. i know i will get it eventualy. but i need to get it sooner then later. im wasting alot of fishing time...when i can only get out for a couple hours a day when i go. and 90% of the time i have been trying to get this spey cast down. ive watched some videos on spey casting, talked to guys on the phone, read every little piece of advice from you guys. ive tried alot of things.

    i can now actually cast the damn thing, but it still not even close to par for the course.

    ive casted my buddie switch rod a handful of times and love it. he btw can cast my spey very nice. he rubs it in all the time which doesnt help to much in the learning experience.

    so i may or may not stay with a spey rod. its nothing like i thought it would be. weather i have my expectations set high or not.

    id rather have a swtch rod and not have to worrie about any of this learning crap lol. i already got the switch rod down nice.

    BUT thanks very very much to everyone for all the advice. it has actually helped alot and i have came along way with spey castng. and think alot of you guys would be impressed with my progress if you seen me in the beginning.

    merry xmas