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Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Jordan Simpson, Mar 16, 2012.

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    How do we know this, DFL? I do not mean to be argumenative, I ask because I do not know if you have seen this first hand, or was it published
    somewhere. When I was working, we used UV cured coatings on polycarbonate materials and depending on the chemical formula of the coatings, all sorts of things could happen. It was a controlled process and
    they were able to do all sorts of wonderful things with it. Since I have been
    retired a number of years, I do not recall that there were any issues with cloudiness in the coatings. Perhaps Loon needs to examine their formulas.
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    You're not being argumentative. Those of us who post unsubstantiated allegations should be called to account. Sides that, its nice to know someone actually reads my posts. I've gone through a number of phases in my short fly tying career. Once at the Denver Sportsmans Show a smooth talking presenter, who also had a booth told us that trout like burnt orange better than any other color, Hell Charlie, I threw my money at him. Tied every pattern I knew, wet or dry in burnt orange. Finally managed to give away or lose the last of em. Never caught a damn fish on any of em. Then I went through my rubber legs phase and now I'm in my red glass bead phase. Ah put a red glass bead on the front end of all the wets I tie. Point is I get a little carried away, occasionally. And I tie a lot of flies that never get wet. A whole awful lot. So when Loon's Knot Sense (just realized I may be talking about a different product) I used it to put bubbles on all of my flash back nymphs. Made em look real pretty. Probably still have a few. But in a year all had turned opaque. So, I misspoke. It may be a different product or the same as Knot Sense but with a different name. My apologies. Keep those challenges coming. They keep me honest and I don't feel ignored.

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    Thank you for your reply Coop. I know full well of what you speak when you say that you try all of the latest gadgets in this game, and believe me they are many. Seems like every body and his two brothers have a line on a problem and if it isn't a problem, their product will make it a problem and then they can sell you a cure. :D

    I have been tying flies for an awful long time, off and on, and I am in no way an expert or even a craftsman at the vise. But one thing I have learned in my stay here on this earth, is that not all things are what they seem to be and even those that we challenge may be something other than what they were thought to be.

    Anyway, back to the goop. I have been playing around with nymphs for stillwater fishing. I have recently gone to the flash back materials and through watching Davie McPhale tie with the UV stuff, I thought it might
    be something to add in. Thanks to your post, I am not so sure. I have not
    thrown out the product as yet, I just want to learn a bit more about it
    before I plop down my money. You see, I am a cheap old bast..er thrifty elder gentleman. :)

    Edit: I believe that burnt and bright orange to be fish killer colors. HA HA. Well as I kill fish, I guess we can throw that idea out also. Perhaps your presentation of the fly and choice of pattern is more to blame than the color. After all, most if not all flies are pretty much a mixure of color, texture, presentation. mojo and how you hold your tongue in your mouth.
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    Olive Bugger

    Ah apologize for getting your name wrong. Sometime try a "still water stimulator" basically a woolly worm with a swiss straw back. Sometime, if we ever eet, I'll bore you with my tales of being the best there is at not catching fish.

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    No appology necessary. My name is Charlie and my alias is Olive bugger.
    Very simple. I made the assumption that your name is Coop. I hope that is correct. If not, then it is I who should apologize.

    I would like to sit down and swap lies...er stories with you some time.
    My inability to catch and land fish legendary.
  6. Steve Knapp

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    Any of you guys have any experience with Tuffleye? From what I've learned it's a UV alternative and several of my buddies swear by it. Planning on trying it out, and wondering if anybody has tried it. I know Bob Popovics puts his name on it, but thats just marketing I'm sure.
  7. Stonefish

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    I haven't tried either Tuffleye or Bug Bond, but have tried Clear Cure Goo Tack Free and Loon.
    For me, the jury is still out on these products. I like the quickness and ease of use, but the tack not so much.
    Having to use alcohol or Hard as Nails really defeats the purpose of the product in my opinion, especially when it is advertised as tack free.
    I still like 30 min epoxy. Put it on the turner wheel and no worries.

    I don't know how much this plays into it, but my buddy is using Bug Bond. He said he switched to Energizer batteries in his UV light. He said the light is considerably brighter, which may play into the curing and any residual tackiness. He reads this board. Perhaps he'll chime in on this.
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    I've always been interested in the UV cure products but I have always been put off by the cost to give it a try. It's interesting that if you internet search around
    you can find UV cure products ranging from Loctite, wood finishes as well as finger nail finishes. I'm sure the fly tying versions are nothing more then repackaged
    products designed for some commercial application. I'm also sure there is a considerable mark up for hobby materials. I'm sure I'll give some form a try but it
    will probably be just buying a light source and playing around with non-flytying product
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    As Stonfish states, I have been experimenting with Bug Bond. I looked at all three options carefully(i.e. Loon, CCG and BugBond) and chose ordering the BB kit. It seemed to have the best product reviews among all three options with the one drawback being cost.

    I purchased the kit and have been experimenting with the lite version of this product which has the viscosity of nail polish. I enjoy using it but have realized there are two key variables in regards to how this product cures. One, battery power is key. I just bought Energizer Ultimate batteries which cost about $10 bucks for four of them. They are rated at 1.5V but burn slightly hotter during most battery tests. This makes the LED flashlight considerably brighter. I torched about 1 doz bugs last night and noticed the immediate difference. The tackiness went from that of recently chewed gum to that of gum that has been under the chair for a few days. I no longer feel the need to have to apply a secondary coat of Hard as Nails before I put them in my box.

    Another key factor is distance. In the beginning, I was burning my bugs about 3" from the light. After emailing the creator of BB, I was told to hold the light out further from the fly since the mulitple lighted flashlight produces stronger wavelenghts of UV light slightly further away.

    These two variables have changed my opinion about this product. I now am very pleased with this product and will continue to use it for my fly tying needs.

    Just a sidenote....I do worry about the health affects of these products. I know that what is labeled as UV is actually UV-like and no health concerns have been noted other than possible eye damage if shone directly into your eyes.
  10. Olive bugger

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    Please bear with me here. Am I correct in my assumption that using the flashlight to cure the coating leaves it tacky, but when exposed to direct sun light, what ever that is here in western Washington, that it will cure and have no tacky feeling? But that it may or may not turn cloudy in year or so? Do I interpret this correctly?
  11. Stonefish

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    Thanks for chiming in on this. I wonder if perhaps the thinness of the BugBond Lite also helps with the curing process and lack of tackiness afterwards.
    The two UV's products I've used are way thicker then nail polish. Have you tried it on heads with eyes that you'd normally use epoxy on, too thin for that?
  12. obiwankanobi

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    I have not had the opportunity to experiment with this product outside of my chironomid tying efforts. It is very thin which I enjoy since I can apply a quick coat around the bodies and nuke them and be done. Its quite runny so for anything that I would want to try to build up a head on, I would use BB original formula(also came in the kit).
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    I'm not sure about the clouding after a year or so, but in regards to the pre-sun tack, I have found this to be true. After using the light (though, I just read in a post that maybe holding the light farther away might fix this...) I find the finish is pretty hard and clear- it just has a slight tackiness to it. Once I take the fly outside I notice a huge difference. What was once a tacky fly is now super hard and clear.
  14. Olive bugger

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    Thanks for the update Jordan.
    I read somewhere, I believe it was on the web site of one of the coating manufacturers, that by changing the battery to an Eveready that it made the light brighter and helped to cure the coating. It was on the web so it must be true, correct? :D

    Like I said before, I am a babe in the woods and waaaaay out of my element on this issue.