Loop Black line rod?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Steelheader, Apr 18, 2008.

  1. Steelheader Only 3 more years until I can think like a fish.

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    I just bought a Loop Black line spey 14' 4pc. What do you guys know/think about these Sweede rods? This will be my 1st spey rod and could not pass up the deal. To cheep to say no.

    What kind of reels are good choices for spey rods and lines.

    Thanks ahead of time for any and all input.
  2. Big Tuna Member

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    Post your question on spey pages if no one here responds. That Velocity 4 is a solid reel for pretty inexpensive.
  3. Panhandle Active Member

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    Its a very nice medium/fast rod, leaning on the fast side. Good buy. Look at the Loop Evotec and Opti reels, they're as sweet as it gets.:thumb:
  4. Porter Active Member

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    You are truly a Loop Man...right? Not bad not bad at all.
  5. eimaj New Member

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    The Loop colour series was D/C last year, not that there was enything wrong with them. Just a marketing move I guess. The Black line is a good rod as mentioned, there are a couple other real sweet sticks in the line-up. If you see one around the yellow sticks either a 8124, 9132, or even the little longer 9140 are all very nice. I'm not a fan of the Blue's but that's just my taste. They had a great idea with them that each colour line-up had it's own distinct action that followed from the smallest single hander through to the biggest 2 hander. The yellows were the first real progressive action rod I cast.
  6. Steelheader Only 3 more years until I can think like a fish.

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    Thanks everyone. Got a 9140-4 black line for $140.00 shipped from Sweden. If anyone wants a great deal on a loop rod they are clearing out there old stock at awesome prices. They are using an auction sight.