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    So, after having a horrible experience with sage rods, I plan on trying what else is out there. I am extremely fascinated with Loop evotec line of rods. I like the adjustable reel seats and cork shape, but I am a little bit skeptical.

    From what I understand and have been reading, Loop lends itself more to the Scandinavian style of casting. I can appreciate it, but PNW usually requires the use skagit heads with sinktips and heavy flies.

    Has anyone casted skagit with these rods? How do they do? Any input would be appreciated =)
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    I have two of them . I have the 12.6 , six weight , and the 13.6 , eight weight , both are medium fast .
    Fear not - they will toss skagit lines very well . Or any short belly type lines . They have a LOT of power in the bottom end .

    BTW ... the reels seats are not adjustable , as they have fixed upper hoods , but the seats are longer than most , and they should be able to accommodate the longest of reel feet . And I really like the shape of the grips .
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    My good sir, you just made my day.
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    thanks for the info!