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  1. Have you looked closely at a very small chironomid with a loop knot (duncan, improved, Orvis, etc.)? The loop is damn near as big as the bug! My point: I truly believe that the loop is very noticeable to fish when you use a size 18 or smaller chironomid. Maybe if you were to go down to 6x mono instead of fluoro you could achieve a smaller loop. I totally get the intended freedom of the bug wiggle thing. Honestly though take a look and see if a tiny bug really moves that much. To me the bug looks almost as stiff as with an improved clinch knot.

    I wonder if a little touch of the magic (marabou) would better contribute to life.

    Your thoughts, please.
  2. Have you tied a bowline loop knot? I tie all my flies with it, simple, strong and uses very little tippet. I fish 6X and 7X on my bottom chironomid with this loop tied super small. Give it a try!

  3. Is it the loop or the knot that is too big? Seems to me you can adjust the size of a loop. I tie all my flies on with a Surgeons Loop. By putting the eye of the fly in the loop as I tighten, I can get very small loops, and yes the fly still moves. I use a 6X on a #32 and because of the loop the fly moves more natural.
  4. Every fly I have tied on for the past 25 years has been on a uni knot. Normally I go through the loop with the tag end just twice then pull it tight against the hook eye. When using cronies or some other fly that requires a loop I take three turns through the knot loop and tighten it against my thumbnail. It will tighten up on a fish but can be opened again just enough to allow the fly to pivot in the loop. You can make the loop as small or as large as you like.
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  5. I use the non-slip loop knot, and I have large loops at times, fish don't seem to care.

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  6. Leland turned me on the non-slip loop knot and explained how it allows for more movement and I can see the rationale. However my clumsy finger is not great at doing it, and I found an alternative that I have used with success. It's called the Canoeman Loop, and it is easier to tie for sure. So far so good.

  7. Oh, it's easier for me to control the size of the loop...
  9. Non slip loop for all my flies here. Never had a fish refuse my fly because of the loop. They refuse it for everything else, but not the size of the loop
  10. A fish once told me he took my fly purely because the knot was so pretty.
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  11. I attempted to sketch out the loop knot I use. I am NO artist, so you are required to use your imagination on this sketch. This knot also allows for easy loop adjustment and is compact. You may like it Golden Trout.

    I learned this knot from forum member Double D a few years ago and it's the knot I have used since. Easy to tie on the water, adjustable loop and strong.

    Essentially a square knot.

    Another easy loop knot to attach a fly is the perfection loop.

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  12. Nice, easy knot Jeff. Thanks
  14. I usually just make a small double surgeons knot with my fly on the loop. I can control the size of the loop and its quick and easy to tie with great knot strength.

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  15. Jeff,
    I learned that same knot from a guide in Cancun. It's basically a slip knot with a half hitch on the tag to lock the loop. Works great!
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  16. Hey Ryan, talk to me like I'm 5 years old... How do you do this?

    I'm a HUGE fan of the triple surgeons know for my tippet/leader. Isn't what you are talking about, much like what Jeff posted a couple of posts ago?

    Please explain.

    P.S. I'm the lazy one on the crew, because I'm always looking for the easiest way to do things. :D
  17. Pat Lat showed me the double surgeons at the fly a few weeks back and I really like it.

    Pass your tippet through the eye of the fly and lay the tag end down next to the leader end (tag tip pointing at fly line). next, make a loop in the double stranded tippet. now pass the fly through that loop twice, whet the knot and grasp the tag end and leader end with one hand and the fly with the other and pull the knot tight.
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