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  1. I have 3 Loop Evotec reels. A 7-9, an 8-12, and a 9-13. These are very good salt water reels what with the sealed drag and everything else being sealed away. But here is the problem, my 8-12 Drag is shot. I sent it into the Loop USA over two months ago. I have been in contact with them, and they tried to help but the Loop factory in Sweden does not return the emails. Loop USA ended up sending my piece of junk to a guy in OR name Bill Archileta. I just got an email from Bill telling me he does not think he can help me. Seems Bill has been trying to get spare parts from Loop for over a year now. Loop Sweden just does not seem to care. The reel needs 4 pieces of the drag system. They could not cost more then $50.00 for all 4 parts. So because Loop Sweden will not help anyone it seems I end up with a worthless piece of crap when I should have a nice smooth $500 reel. I'm sorry for the rant but I just wanted everyone out there that I could reach to stay away from Loop products, because if they ware out your SOL.
  2. Sorry to hear that. I've heard similar feedback from others. Sucks when you spend a massive chunk of change for a reel and get zero customer service in return.
  3. I dumped my Loop rods for the same reason, took over 6 months to get a replacement section for 2 rods!!! I do have my Evotec 4-6 still and it is the smoothest reel I own! Good luck!
  4. Loop Sweden was selling their branded reels for years that were made by Danielsson, and they were very, very good reels. They chose to stop their relationship with Danielsson and instead had an asian manufacturer begin making the Loop reels, and frankly they were crap. If yours is an older Danielson (made in Sweden) then you might be able to contact them directly for repair, as they actually still make those reels, only now under their own name. If it is one of the asian made Loop reels throw it away, you'll never get it fixed.

  5. BTW, Bill Archuleta is a very knowledgeable reel man, and a good guy too. He won't bullshit you.
  6. I've enjoyed my loop multi which I bought through Leland. I purchased it in November, but really didn't use it until the following summer. After one week of fishing there was a strange issue with the epoxy gumming up and peeling off. I contacted Leland and they had two replacement sections to me in a couple of weeks and they guaranteed that if they couldn't find the sections (because the model was discontinued), they'd replace the rod with something comparable. I think they're nice rods for the price, but if you're thinking about purchasing one, go with a vendor that will back it up. Just my two cents.
  7. That's really too bad. I love my evotec, it's been nothing short of bullet proof after nearly 10 years of moderate use in both fresh and salt. Still performs flawless but I'll be keeping my fingers crossed from here on out.
  8. Look up Tom White rod and reel repair in Albany New York. E-mail him and see if he can help. I have had great success with him.
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  9. Danielsson chose to end the relationship, not Loop. Loop then had their manufacturing done in South Korea, ya know, like Hardy, Sage, Guideline, Echo, TFO, Vision, Redington, and many other companies making good quality fishing equipment do. The Korean manufactured Loop rods and reels I have are excellent quality and excellent fishing tools. I have no interest in ordering factory direct from Danielsson in Sweden.

  10. Was in Alaska with a group years ago and one of the guys was fishing the Loop reels...all the rage at the time. He dropped one on the floor of the plane while showing us the reel and when he went to turn the crank, he noted it was slightly sticking through one area...cured me on the Loop design right then and there. I hope you can get yours repaired -- sounds like Steve has a likely source for you and the power of Google makes these exercises much easier than days gone by.

  11. Regardless--- if customer service sucks not many people are going to buy them and I don't blame them. Having a solid warrenty and being backed by great customer service is how many people including myself justify stretching our wallets for high quality gear. Many of the other companies you mentioned have phenomenal service to back up their products regardless of where they are made which shows they still stand behind there product.
  12. Makes no difference who ended which relationship, and there's a huge difference in the quality of a Danielsson reel and a Korean made Loop. There's also a huge difference in the quality of those asian made reels you noted that are sold by companies with good warranty service and quality made reels like Abel, the English made Hardys, and Danielsson. Comparing a $200 Reddington with a $700 Danielsson just because Reddington will gladly replace the cheap $200 reel when it breaks is ridiculous. It's still just a cheap reel. A Toyota Corolla and Porsche 911 are not comparable just because you can get the toyota serviced anywhere. The OP has an expensive reel, he doesn't have a cheap piece of junk he wants replaced with another cheap piece of junk.

    Again, contact Danielsson, they'll probably be happy to repair it for you.

  13. The fact that you think there's a huge quality difference in the Korean made Hardy's vs. the English made Hardy's speaks volumes.

  14. I wasn't comparing original quality of a $200 reel vs a $700 - although I imagine many people own $200 reels that have hauled in more fish than many of $700 reels out there. My point was that no one is going to buy a $500 reel if they know they can't get any parts or service. I myself, appreciate the heads up on the lack of loop customer service. I have found myself looking at loop reels from time to time at a large discount - glad I never pulled the trigger.......
  15. I just sent Tom an Email. Thanks for the name.
  16. Ed. No offense to Mr. Archuleta. I have heard he's really good but I inquired about repairing a reel and he told me it was too old and he couldn't hope to find the parts. I sent it to Tom White after, with no hope of getting it repaired and it came back like new. Somehow the guy has a knack for getting parts no one else can. I have since sent him three others, all coming back in great shape. Hopefully he can be of help to you. The kicker was that he charged me only $25 including postage each time. Can't beat that.
  17. It does, as I've owned several of both and fished them a lot. The fact that Hardy is being vocal about bringing their reel manufacturing back to England speaks volumes as well.
  18. Steve he said he has no parts for loop reels. Thinks for trying to help.
  19. Well, it was worth a shot.
  20. Well it looks like I started bad mouthing Loop too soon. When I got the email from Bill Archuleta telling me he did not have and could not get the parts to fix my reel I sent a copy if it to Loop USA. Along with a short note asking them if I was now the owner of a $500 paper weight. Loop USA just ask me if they could take the drag housing out of my Danielson made Loop and replace it with a new housing as well as a new spool. The Danielson made housing is smaller then what is being made now. This is the reason they were unable to get the parts to repair my reel. As the reel was useless like it was I told them to make the changes need to get the reel working again. I will end up with a two tone reel but I will also be able to use my 9-13 spools on my Loop/Danielson 8-12 reel.
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