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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Steve Saville, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. Steve Saville

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    Just returned from Baja and a week of fishing. It wasn't a very fishy week; very little sargasso, windy conditions on several days, and really sparse bait. We managed a few Dorado but one friend landed a small Marlin and another a 35 lb. rooster There were several highlights of non-catching genre. I took my older brother who is a beginning flyfisher and he did get his first Dorado but one day, because of the poor fishing and some heavy swells, we took refuge behind Carmen Island and did some bottom fishing. HIs first cast and I heard a "What the hell?" He had not tightened the spool down on his reel so it went in the drink. I grabbed a bottle and he began winding the backing on in an effort to collect about 400 yards of backing and his spool. Fortunately, our boat captain had a mask, went diving, and retrieved the spool before we got more than the flyline and about a hundred feet of backing wound in. That's the way our week went with some of the oddest events happening. Flyline in the prop, (my brother's) but got it all back without a scratch on it, steering outage on a boat, bad starter on another boat, lost Marlin and a lost double on a couple of nice dorado, etc. We had plenty of laughs. The hotel is outstanding and the food was great. If you've never had coconut encrusted dorado, you have to try it. It is to die for. It was a pretty nice week with plenty of quality time with my bro who lives in Anchorage. He already is planning another trip. We have casting practice scheduled first, however.:)
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    Welcome back. Sorry the fishing wasn't the best but it sounds like you have a new student to teach how to cast. It sounds like you ended up on my boat? I've tried to make it out 2 times but the motor does not want to leave the harbour. I've ordered a new 40 horse and should have in on the boat and running by the time I get back from my fishing trip to Alaska
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    I'm trying to picture this....you mean when he went to cast and the spool flew but the reel frame remained on the rod? I want to know what was said after "What the Hell" (kerplunck).

    There are those days when you spend more time farting around with problems than fishing. Thanks for sharing.
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    Good stories Steve, thanks for sharin your trip. Always nice to get out of town, even though some cluster F's with your brother. Pretty funny, especially as I have had something similar to that happen to me before. Makes for a memorable trip.
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    Yes, the frame was still attached to the rod. The spool just slipped off and into the water. We really did have a good laugh, especially after the Captain broug
    ht it up. My brother tipped him 50 bucks for the dive. The water was really warm and clear; about ten feet deep. We could have eventually brought it up providing it didn't get stuck in the rocks. Too many other weird things happened to take up your time but it was a great trip with my bro and at our age, you never know but what it could be our last.
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    post up some pics Steve!
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    I took a few pics but none of the reel going in the drink. Haven't taken them off the camera yet. My brother's wife admonished him for not taking enough so I think he has about 60 or so. I took a few hero shots of his Dorado but he's back in Anchorage for about two weeks and then will be back here looking for a house. Maybe I can get some of his. Mine are mostly scenery because the fishing wasn't so great.
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    Did you guys do it yourself, or were you part of another group? Was your success consistent with what was happening with the other groups down there? At what hotel did you stay?

    I've had the spool come off before, too, while I was amidst fighting a coho in the salt at Tofino, in about 100 feet of water. I found that if I did the hand over hand retrieve fast enough, the spool sank slower than my winding, and I was able to get the spool to the surface in a pretty short time and net the spool. I only got in to maybe 30 feet of my backing. Boy was I relieved!
  9. Steve Saville

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    We were a group of six in three boats. The others had only slightly better success but they went places we did not because of my brother's inability to stand in the boat for longer periods of time. He has bad knees and is heavy. We spent most of our time trolling which is not what I usually do. I like to cast but the fish were not responding well to casts, either. I have had much better luck in three previous trips. The guys who were fishing gear did better most days but some of those guys had to go as far as 60 miles to find fish. There was a decided lack of sargasso and bait in the water which never bodes well for dorado fishing. My goal was for my brother to have fun and he did. I have caught many dorado so even though I was disappointed a bit, I had a good time.

    We stayed at La Mision Hotel. It's quite nice and the food is very good. We did not go out most nights. The staff is really great, as well. I highly recommend staying there.
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    I have fished Loreto for 15 years. Started with a group that Les Johnson put together. The group is now ramrodded by Peter Highlander. We always stayed at the Oasis right on the beach. We finally got the captains oriented to our wants as flyfishers. The hotel provides the best guides. All meals were included in our plan. Peter can be reached at 970-349-6715. BTW, Alaska flies into Loreto 3 times a week.
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    It is really a great trip. I have friends who stay at the Oasis. I have heard it's very good. We just opt for La Mision which is also very good. The quality of guides does bring up a question. We have had some good and some not so good.