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    Around mid-February a friend of mine asked if I could join his group on a trip to Los Roques. After some serious negotiating with the wife I was in. 6 months later, after hours of reading and tying I was off on my first saltwater flats fishing trip ever.

    We left Seattle bright an early (at the airport before security was open) to hopefully avoid thunderstorm delays in Atlanta on the one flight out/day to Caracas. As luck would have it we happened to enter Atlanta air space just in time for a 4 hour weather delay that diverted us to Birmingham. The delay on the ground cost us our connecting flight to Caracas and we were lucky enough to stay overnight in Atlanta. To make matters worse one of our party slept in an extra two hours and left 2 hours later from Seattle and he made his connecting flight! After settling in to our hotel with bellies full of steak & wine we planned our next day.

    As luck would have it the only flight out to Caracas is in the 6pm hour so we were able to spend all day in Atlanta! :) Praising our good fortune we decided to go on an adventure - to Bass Pro Shop. I had never experienced the overwhelming nature of such a monstrosity - the best part was the Live Bait dispenser (see photos). Realizing our good fortune we decided to press our luck and try and stay an extra day in Los Roques (if we ever got there) to make up for the flight delay and missed day of fishing. After some broken english negotiating with someone in Venezuela we were booked for 2 extra days (conveniently the flight out the day after our original itinerary was booked solid!) in Los Roques.

    We finally caught our flight to Caracas and 4 hours later landed and were transported to the EuroHotel by Tony. After a few Soleras we headed to bed for the brief 3 hour nap we were allotted prior to being pick up for the short flight to Los Roques (90 miles off the coast of VZ). After the control tower guided us in for a safe landing (see photo) we were off to the lodge for breakfast, meet the guides and off to fish.

    From here the trip was PHENOMENAL! Day one of bonefishing brought 8 fish to hand, all in the 3-5 lb range. 8 days of fishing meant we were able to see all parts of the Los Roques fishery. We had shots at permit of the XL variety, bones in the double digits, jacks, and even saw a 100+ lb tarpon on the flats. It took me a few hours to figure out the strip strike thing - no matter how much you read or think about it it is hard to break the salmon/trout rod raise method.

    Gummies are in! I know they resemble bait but their is no denying how effective they are when bones are schooling and pushing bait along the beaches. Look for diving birds, tie on a gummy and get to work. Other flies that were go to - gotcha size 6 with "orange lips", olive & tan bitters size 8 and tan puffs size 8. I tied about 2 dozen clousers and used 1 the entire trip.

    The lodge (Acuarela) Sight Cast uses is very cool. Memo - a transplant from Italy - runs the lodge and is a world class chef. Breakfast is fresh fruit, eggs, coffee any way you like it, arrepa (pancake like bread) and fresh juice; lunch in the boat; and upon your return cold beers, appetizers (usually fresh made focaccia with a variety of toppings, a 4 course dinner made with fresh fish of the day. The rooftop patio made the perfect meeting room to discuss the day's experiences over some Venezuelan rum (Anniversario) on ice.

    My best fish of the trip was a 9+ lb bone, but my favorite fish was about a 5-6 lb bone caught while crouched on my knees with a hand tied #8 tan puff at about 15ft from me. Being close enough to watch the fish tail quiver when it turns down and eats is pretty special.

    Side note - I dunked my camera mid trip and consequently lost many of my fish pictures! Lesson learned - waterproof camera bag or water proof camera is worth any penny.

    I can't wait to go back!
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    Cool! I comtemplated visiting Los Roques for my first flats trip. I instead settled on the island of Mayaguana in the Bahamas, primarily due to costs. I still would like to visit Los Roques though. Does DIY seem practical there? How was Caracas?
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    I don't believe a DIY would be feasible in Los Roques - most of the boats seem to be operated by guides, although I didn't do much investigating into rental possibilities. The fishing grounds are about 40-60 minute ride from the lodge. I do suppose you could get dropped off on an island and fish that for a few days, maybe get transferred and do it again...worth looking into for sure.
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    Oh good god....looks un freaking real

    Headed back to belize in March....oh baby!
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    can you post the pics again?
    it is not opening here
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    I have been to Los Roques too and the island is really awesome! That's where you can have real fishing and surfing experience. My family and friends were there just last month and they enjoyed it too!