Loss of a Family Member

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Bill Aubrey, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. My condolences Bill. Like everyone else, I too have suffered the loss of a pet/family member. Treasure the memories.
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  2. Bill,
    My condolences for your loss. The two 'pups' on my avatar were 14 and 15 when they died in 2008. Some people dive right back in, but it took 2 years before we were ready to adopt again; now we're back in the game. Each dog I've owned holds a special place in my heart, but there was still plenty of room when the next one came to live with us.
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  3. My sincere condolences, Bill. Never easy to part with one, but such a treasure of memories & unconditional love they create along the journey. Prayer sent.
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  4. Bill, sad to hear about Porter. Good friends can't be replaced, but new ones can be made. Hope you find another friend just as good.
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  5. Sorry to hear this sir :( We have 3 good friends that brighten and enliven our lives. Hold on to the memories as they will become very sweet.
    My condolences.
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  6. Bill, as others have said dogs bring so much to our lives and losing them is never easy. My condolences on your loss. When the time is right I'm sure you will enjoy the company of a dog again.
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  7. Bill,

    I feel for you because I lost my best dog over 3 yrs ago.

    I now have 3 dogs, but all 3 do not equal the one I lost.

    One thing a person said to me on this thread was that he still had his old dog's snot on the back windows of his jeep. It may sound crazy, but I left the dog snot on the back of mini van for months. I still have his collor hung up in my office.
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  8. Still haven't cleaned the inside of those windows, Greg although Hank has added his "signatures" to those of dear Maggie's . . . kind of a collage now. Works for me . . .
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  9. Thanks, Guys. This community is terrific. It's a tough one, and was totally unexpected. My thoughts now are that I won't get another, but you guys are right, they bring so much to the bargain. Maybe in a few months...I vacuumed yesterday (Porter was the undisputed champion of the world at shedding and also dragging in leaves and pine needles from the yard and adjoining woods), but I left a fresh hank of his hair beside my chair where he would sit nights for petting. I think that'll stay a long time, along with his smudges on the slider. I also find myself telling him I'm home in the evening, and saying "I'll be back" when I leave the house.
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  10. Bill,

    We lost our 17 year old Border Collie a few months back. She had trails built around the property she used to keep an eye on things. The other day my wife notice that they are starting to disapear. Slowly she is becoming only a memory as the marks of her existance are removed by time.

    She was such a huge part or our lives, our children's lives and our grandchildren's lives we decided to plant a tree to mark her grave and remind us of her. It is small tree now but it is in full bloom and growing fast. She still makes her mark in our world and with the tree she will for rest of our time here.

    Take care,

  11. Jim, I remembered your post more than any others when i lost my Saam dog. I too left the dog snot on the rear windows of the family mini van.
    Thank you - It is comforting to know there are fellow fly fishermen who are attached to their 4 legged fishing partners.
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  12. Kerry,

    Unbenknown to me, my wife dug up the earn with our dogs ashes when we moved from west seattle to puyallup 3 years ago. He is safely buried in our new backyard.

    Here is to hoping for healing for you and hopefully another border collier for your family to enjoy.
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  13. Condolences from me as well sir. I hope hour grief is relieved as best as possible.

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  14. Bill, prayers go out to you for the loss of Porter (BTW, Black Butte Porter is a favorite beer!).

    As others have said, I know exactly how you feel.

    Those furry buddies give out love unceasingly and without any judgement. They're always there for you, even if you had just screamed at them for chewing the couch or barfing on the carpet! :)

    I lost my Siberian Husky, Nanda (full AKC name: Nanda Devi von Hochschnee) about 8 years ago. I've been hesitant to get another dog 'cuz she was such a friend and companion (I was single at the time).

    I got her at about 6 weeks and endured the chewing on doors, tearing up the laundry room vinyl floor and eating the flowers in the yard!

    Fortunately she matured into a well-behaved adult dog. She developed diabetes about the age of 7 and lost her eyesight so I had to give her insulin shots and I became her "seeing-eye man"! Against all odds, I kept her until the age of 13.

    So, as I said: prayers and condolences!

    Have you ever read "Rainbow Bridge"? Every time I read it I feel tearful but inspired at the same time! Link here: http://www.petloss.com/rainbowbridge.htm


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  15. As many have mentioned, one of the great injustices in life is that our dog friends have such short lifespans compared with ours. Why should animals like tortoises, parrots and elephants live as long or longer than we, while those beloved dogs with whom we share the most intimate experiences of our daily lives be lucky to live just a decade and a half?

    A few years after the females in my home decided "we" needed a dog and acted on that conviction over my objections, my youngest presented me with a wonderful book one Father's Day titled: "Merle's Door: Lessons from a Freethinking Dog" by Ted Kerasote.

    It's a true story about a dog who adopts a footloose guy and the bond they develop and share over the next decade or more. From the very first sentence you know how it's gonna end, and yet it's worth every tear-moistened page to read all the way to the end.

    So why do we continually give our hearts to those critters who we know in advance are gonna break them when they leave?

    Because not doing so is to miss the opportunity to truly understand the meaning of love.

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  16. I don't think it could be said any better than this.
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  17. And, Sky, I agree. Thanks, Tim and Kent, I'll give those books a look.
  18. Every time one of mine dies, it hurts so much and for so long, that I swear that I'll never get another dog.

    But I do, and so may you.

    In the meanwhile, if you need to throw a stick, you have my number.
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  19. Thanks, Don. Some of us are headed for Leech tomorrow, wind permitting. Head on up.
  20. I feel for you too Bill. I'll be in the same boat soon enough, again. Have a Yellow and a rescue Beagle, both great friends and aging. I swear I'm done when they go but down deep have doubt. Cherish the memory and in time, get another.
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