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Discussion in 'Lost, Found, Stolen' started by Jeff Sawyer, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Flipped my raft on the Yakima on a sweeper at ringer. Lost all of the following.

    Half a redington 5 wt, with reel attached. The case for this also.
    A whole redington 5 wt still in the case
    1 Ross cla 2 in the case
    1 garmin Oregon 450 gps
    2 cabalas pfd (yes we should have had them on)
    1 fish pond vest with gear with my friends fishing licenses
    1 standard vest. With all my gear in it)
    Cabelas Waders
    Cabelas Wading boots size 10
    Dry Bag
    1 set of Maui Jim sun glasses
    2 sets of cheap bifocal glasses
    Beef jerky
  2. wow that sucks man. Glad you were able to get out safely. Here's hoping you get as much gear back as possible.
  3. Thanks. It would be nice to get some of it back, but the crap can be replaced.

    You're right the important thing is we made it out safe, it was scary there for a while.
  4. My fishing partner did that on the Trinty last Feb Cold Cold. He was able to recover his two rod's.
  5. Sound like a expensive lesson learned. Glad no one was hurt. To bad about the beer. After losing all of that, it would of been nice to have something to drown your sorrows with.
  6. if i find your beef jerky im not giving it back. imma eat that shit, and while im chewy that savory beef morsal i will thank the river gods for letting you escape with only items lost.

    we must all learn to respect the rivers. they are one of natures most powerful forces.

    sweepers, of all things in the wild, are one of the scariest. ive had some close calls wading and boating, and i know i never want to end up on the upstream side of one.

    i think this is a good thread to remind people to where a pfd. a practice common in whitewater river runners and tragically uncommon in drift boats and fishing rafts. each person must ultimately choose for themselves, but the benefits of wearing one outweigh the drawbacks.
  7. Jeff, glad you are still typing to us. If you are short on stuff to fish until you recover your stuff to fish please let us know.
  8. Thanks guys. I definitely learned a lesson.

    And I want to send a big public thanks out to Mike Canady he found the fish pond vest and turned it into the folks at Reds, they called me today to let me know they had it. I really appreciate it.
  9. Jeff, sorry that happened. I did a rescue last year pulling someone out of that sweeper as well. One thing I know about losing things like that, if it's not recovered in the first 24 hours chances are you won't ever get it back. I was able to get the necessities out going into the sweeper (I've been trained, would NOT suggest others doing it untrained). I wasn't able to locate the rods that were lost. Unfortunately, those items will constantly move until it's wedged somewhere, then start getting buried. Chances are they are still at the bottom of that slot on Ringer or just downstream of it. When water levels get down, try grabbing a snorkel and drysuit and go for a look. :)

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