Lost chironomiding umbrella...

Discussion in 'Lost, Found, Stolen' started by Steve Kokita, Apr 20, 2014.

  1. Steve Kokita FISHON206

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    C&R'd my big white and maroon Nike umbrella Saturday at Munn lake. The wind caught it, I released it while in a downpour chironomiding. It blew across the surface for 20' and almost made it to my buddy Dave before it tipped over and sank within two seconds! I tried to dredge the bottom with a heavy streamer w/split shots, no luck. Somewhere by the houses to the right if standing on the launch a quarter of the way down the lake. Huge reward!
  2. Nick Clayton Active Member

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    Nothin manlier than using an umbrella while on the water.

    Hope youre able to get your dress....er....umbrella back soon Steve ;)
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  3. bennysbuddy the sultan of swing

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    just think of the habitat that thing will provide the fish to hide under.I 'd love to see the look on the persons face that snags that thing and drags it to the surface,I bet that umbrella will fight like moby dick !
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  4. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    I've read it all now. Thanks for the chuckle Nick.
  5. Jeff Sawyer Active Member

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    So were you using it to stay dry for as a sail?
  6. Lue Taylor Lue Taylor/dbfly

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    Steve has never been known to be able to Multi-task it was a Kodak moment, but it did not stop us for fishing over 8 hrs in the pouring down rain (who said we was smart) Damn we caught fish too just another day on the water. I think we are going for the record for the last 1.5 months we have fish in the rain every weekend
  7. Steve Kokita FISHON206

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    I might be a wimp but I was a dry wimp! And keep those big ass cheeks far away from my fly rods Nick!!