Lost Raft at Yakima River Milepost 18.5

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by thesankers, Mar 8, 2005.

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    This is the first time I have been on this forum. My husband was fishing on the Yakima yesterday around the Mile Post 18.5. The time was around 2:30 PM, and he was fishing a little over sixty feet from the raft. When he looked over to the raft, it was gone. The raft was a Red Watermaster Kodiak, and there were oars attached, with a bag that included a Yellow Marmot Precip Rain Jacket, and a pair of Reebok tennis shoes. He also had a St. Croix Legend Elite 5 wt fishing rod out also. He thinks the St. Croix fishing rod probably fell out of the raft. I am writing this as I felt the need to ask if anyone had seen it, or possibly picked it up as lost and found. I know it would be difficult to figure out who it belonged to, so wanted to provide some information about what happened. My husband, Rich, worked very hard to get these things. He ties flies professionally, and this was an entire years worth of work. I hope that we will be able to get it back, as I was hoping to go fishing with him down the Yakima. I haven't ever been rafting down the Yakima, and have been told how fun it is. I hope that I will have a chance to catch one of the cutthroats that are in the river. I am a stay-at-home mom, and spend time with my disabled daughter as well. I thank you for your time, and hopefully someone has seen it out there.


    Bobbi Sanker
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    Sorry to hear about your misfortune Bobbi. I was on the upper Yakima yesterday, so out of the area where your husband lost his raft. I hope your luck turns for you to the better.

    Be sure to contact the several fly shops that operate on the river, and perhaps fax them a "Lost" notice sheet to put up at their stores. Don't give away to much info as the finder will want any callers to ID the property. Best of luck.
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    I hope this doesn't get cross-wise with Chris's rules, but you might also post on www.westfly.com , lots of Yakima fishers on that board... :thumb:
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    Call Red's Fly Shop in the Canyon... www.redsflyshop.com

    I can't imagine anyone else would have more eyes on the river day in and day out.

    Good Luck
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    I would also call the guys at Evening Hatch Fly Shop (509) 962-5959; and Steve, Jeff or Danny at The Worley Bugger (509) 962-2033.

    Both of these shops have guides on the water most days and many times anglers will return lost items to them as well as Red's.

    If he was at MP 18 it's possible that it floated down to Umtanum and somebody grabbed it as there are usually a few anglers in there.

    I hope you get it back. That would really be a bummer if someone stole it.

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    My boat and rod turned up today and turned in to Red's Fly Shop. I want to thank everyone who helped in this. Something like this just reinforces that most people are good and generous. It is great that one moment of stupidity doesn't have to color the whole summer's fishing. Whoever found the boat, please contact us so we can thank you!

    To: Everyone

    I want to thank everyone who helped us get the boat back. I can go fishing with my husband down the Yakima, and I might be able to catch a fish. I thank the person, and people who generously helped make it possible for me to fish with my husband. I want you to know that these times make it possible to know that there are special people in the world. Thank you!


    Bobbi Sanker
  7. Bob Triggs Your Preferred Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing Guide

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    Bobbi and Rich, Thanks...I needed that story. :thumb:

    P.S: A warm welcome to our Forum Community!
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    Outstanding! :thumb:
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    :thumb: :D :beer2: :rofl:

    WONDERFUL NEWS... I'm happy for you. Dont think of it as a mistake, use it as a learning tool. I would be willing to bet you will never have this happen again. Everyone has brain cramp moments. I'm sure you have punished yourself enough. Smile in the fact that someone had thought of someone else and what they found, instead of finding something for themselves. Hope to see you on the river. White Hyde with dark red stripe. Usually by myself, or with my girlfriend. She will be the one catching fish, I'll be the one with the net... :beathead:

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    To the folks that found and turned it in, "good on ya"!!
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    Great news & happy to hear your rig and rod made it back home :thumb:

    I was thinking to myself "hope a fellow fly fisher finds this stuff and turns it in" God knows we all spend way to much money on this sport ;)

    Bet your husband doesn't let this happen again :ray1:

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    I was on the Big Horn once, a guide was anchored up in a back eddy, and was upstream up on the bank throwing midges to some risers in a back channel.

    He left his anchor in the water, the boat is rocking back and forth, and as we are rolling downstream, I watch this thing ease out into the current. . . .

    Well, once in the current, where it was deep, the boat no longer had the anchor on the bottom-so it is now free, and rolling downstream. I rowed up to it, and my buddy did a classic mid-stream jump off my bow into the rowing seat (sort of like a guy switching horses in an old western) and pulled it over.

    Needless to say, the guide was grateful and a bit embarrassed. . .

    Week later, on the Beaverhead, my buddy pulled my boat up on the ramp, took off the anchor, and started taking off his waders while I got the truck.

    I stepped out of the truck to see my boat floating into the middle of the river-and there is a big bridge downstream that woulda ended it for sure. I had to superman into the water, barely grab the boat, and SWIM the damn thing into the next ramp. Not fun.

    Moral of the story, boats find a way to break free. . . glad you got yours back, and I bet there is a longer rope in your near term purchases.
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    In the ocean, any boat found adrift without its captain on board is the property of the finder. I don't know if this is true on the Yak but it might be because I think it is considered to be navagable water.

    Morally, regardless of the law, I think the boat should be returned to its rightful owner. But I am wondering if anyone can speak with a little more authority to this point.

    Bob, the I almost got a free sailboat once but I thought it might cost me my life to salvage it. :D
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    Gotta' love a story with a happy ending :thumb:

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    I'm a bit rusty on my salvage laws. But I do believe that the boat is property of the owner, even if it's sunk on the bottom of the river. It must be returned, or you must make an attempt to find the rightful owner. Maybe someone could tell the current laws on it. But would be construed as stealing if you didn't make an attempt to find the rightful owner first before declaring it yours if found in a river.

    While I'm at it. Congrats for getting your boat back. I'm new to the board too. I can see I will have to stick around. The amount of knowledge and willingness to help is amazing.
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    Aye pirate Bob. a keel-hauling to ya.
    the only way you can get a free boat is to steal it or the owner gives up there ownership
    yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me! ptyd