Lost Rod at Rattlesnake Lake

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by maryfish, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. Lost in the evening last Thursday 11/8, along with my Rx Sunglasses. I got my glasses out today, but no sign of the rod. If anyone picked it up, let me know. Here are the rod details:

    5'6" Yellow Fenwick Fiberglass spinning rod
    Shimano Sedona Reel
    Rigged with pink slip strike indicator and a emerger dry fly

    It fell off my float tube while I was struggling to rescue my sunglasses. Lost at the launch in 3-4 feet of water.

    This is not an expensive rig, but it is my multi-tasker: I use it to take kids trout fishing, for squidding in the winter, and to fish dry flies when I forget my floating line, as was the case on thursday.

    Thanks for keeping an eye out,
  2. Mary,
    I was just at Rattlesnake and a couple young guys asked if I lost a spinning rod. If I had seen this, I would have said. YES. I did not get any info from them, but they drove a white Toyota or Nissan pick-up with a two seater green fiberglass boat and trolling motor. They have fished RSL before. I will look for them next time since I am up couple times a week. BTW, they were using spinning gear, so hopefully they keep it.
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  3. Man, this forum is awesome even when it just a day late.

    Hope you get the rod back Mary!

    Also hope to see you both on the Island this winter.

  4. Hey Jeff,
    Hoping to make it up before it gets cold and the lake is covered in ice.
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  5. Awesome, mark! I think those guys were on the water when I was fishing out my sunglasses... I'm not there as often as you are, but I'm hopeful I will get my rod back one of these days!


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