Lost Watermaster Kodiak on Yakima Yesterday

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by thesankers, Mar 8, 2005.

  1. Hi,

    My husband was fishing on the Yakima yesterday around the Mile Post 18.5. The time was around 2:30 PM, and he was fishing a little over sixty feet from the raft. When he looked over to the raft, it was gone. The raft was a Red Watermaster Kodiak, and there were oars attached, with a bag that included a Yellow Marmot Precip Rain Jacket, and a pair of Reebok tennis shoes. He also had a St. Croix Legend Elite 5 wt fishing rod out also. He thinks the St. Croix fishing rod probably fell out of the raft. I am writing this as I felt the need to ask if anyone had seen it, or possibly picked it up as lost and found. I know it would be difficult to figure out who it belonged to, so wanted to provide some information about what happened. My husband, Rich, worked very hard to get these things. He ties flies professionally, and this was an entire years worth of work. I hope that we will be able to get it back, as I was hoping to go fishing with him down the Yakima. I haven't ever been rafting down the Yakima, and have been told how fun it is. I hope that I will have a chance to catch one of the cutthroats that are in the river. I am a stay-at-home mom, and spend time with my disabled daughter as well. I thank you for your time, and hopefully someone has seen it out there.


    Bobbi Sanker
  2. My boat and rod turned up today and turned in to Red's Fly Shop. I want to thank everyone who helped in this. Something like this just reinforces that most people are good and generous. It is great that one moment of stupidity doesn't have to color the whole summer's fishing. Whoever found the boat, please contact us so we can thank you!

    To: Everyone

    I want to thank everyone who helped us get the boat back. I can go fishing with my husband down the Yakima, and I might be able to catch a fish. I thank the person, and people who generously helped make it possible for me to fish with my husband. I want you to know that these times make it possible to know that there are special people in the world. Thank you!


    Bobbi Sanker
  3. Rich:
    Now that your good karma resulted in the return of your watercraft and gear, care to share the lesson learned as to what others should not do when away from the boat? :)
  4. whoops.
  5. Old thread but Wow. Yes I know I can tie up to a streamside bush but that's one reason why I use an anchor rather than just standing up in my WM :)

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