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  1. My steelhead mojo.

    I can't seem to even touch a fish lately. A couple years ago I couldn't keep the fish off my line. This year I have had a couple bumps and tugs, no hook ups at Ringold. Been out 5 times. Two three day trips on the Ronde, no touches first trip, 6 hook ups second trip with three landed.

    Even got a new Speyco reel, out twice, not even a tug. Can't even buy the mojo. Weather has been miserable the last few times out and that didn't even help.

    Please help me find my mojo. Willing to hand out large reward for its return, like a six pack of IPA or something.

  2. A couple of years ago there were a bazillion fish. Not so much this year...
  3. You have to understand that steelhead fishing is a sickness! No rational person would continue fishing under the conditions you are now experiencing. However, I think we have all asked ourselves the same question. It is just that when it is good, you have a REALLY great time and the memories keep you casting......
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  4. The ups dont feel nearly as good until you experience the downs. youll get your mojo back, dont worry. Tie up some sick ass confifence flies and keep beating the water like that red headed step kid that just wont listen. Youre East side, tie up some low water dees and grease line em.
  5. First of all, keep your head up. We've all ridden a skunk. Run sizes on the Ronde are down, right?

    Now for the medicine:

    The night before you fish next, get straight up whiskey drunk. Pinners are now legal so feel free to do wht you have to there. You wanna get whiskey drunk early, so you can get up at the allotted time. My recent history indicates that falling down and scarring your face is helpful.

    Wake up....catch steelhead.

    Go Sox,
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  6. Jonas and cousin Romulus would be proud.
  7. Keep your cousin out of my sweatlodge.
  8. You have a sweatlodge? OoooOooo, opulence...
  9. Sulli is right - Steelhead respond to suffering. If you're not up for a whisky bender, try getting really sick with the flu (I hear pneumonia is even better). If you're still healthy when you reach the river, make sure you fall in and soak yourself. All these are guaranteed by the fish gods to improve your chances.

    If you're expecting fish equity relative to your effort you're in the wrong game.


  10. Whiskey drunk beats hoggin'/ slump bustin' too. For many of us it truly is the only option.

    Go Sox,
  11. What's the opposite of steelhead fishing.....Rocky Ford? Go do that!
  12. Don't sweat it, your just riding the other side of the high. I've managed to keep my self esteem this fall (note I have my tongue firmly planted in my cheek...I don't really keep score...I swear!), but a couple of times I've really had work for them in places the getting should be easy by now.

    That skunk will leave. Don't sweat it.

    A sure fire cure is to bring me along. Let's go to Ringold (is it open? I'm to lazy to check). People I fish with almost always do well, and I get skunked. It's the shits, and why I often fish alone...., but if your game I'm willing to take one for the team to help you shake the stink.

  13. There are always dues to pay in steelheading. Just when you think you got it all nailed, you find out you don't. The fish are either there or they aren't, we on the other hand don't have a choice, 'cause if we aren't there it won't matter even if the fish are. No whining allowed, love it or leave it.

  14. Hard-assed support group around here sometimes.. Still a good one though!

    Cheer up Wayne. You could be at work, you know!
  15. Earlobe expanders seem to give an instantaneous mojo to the person sporting them. At the very least, if you get them you will have a new and convenient place to store flies, maybe even a hemostat.
  16. Screw you, I fish the Skagit. You don't know the meaning of suffer.
  17. Or I could be fishing the Skagit.
  18. Ain't that the truth,Steelhead fly fishing on the Skagit is beyond insanity..
  19. Especially feb - april now.
  20. I usually catch fish when I have those...
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