LOTS of rods, reels, and cases for sale!!!

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Loren E, Aug 18, 2010.

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  1. UPDATED.....I have deleted the items that have been sold and labeled those which are pending. Thanks everyone! -Loren

    Buyer pays shipping. I am very willing to do reduced prices if you are interested in buying multiple items, and open to negotiation on a few items.

    Please for photos email me at LSE@sonic.net and I will gladly send them to you, along with any specifics about warranty cards, etc.

    Sage 4 piece xp 6 weight 9 foot without fighting butt: $350
    sage 4 piece xp 6 weight 9 foot with fighting butt: $350
    sage 4 piece xp 7 weight 9 foot with fighting butt: $350 SALE PENDING
    sage rplxi 7 weight 3 piece:$325
    sage rplxi 8 weight 3 piece: $325
    sage rplxi 9 weight 5 piece (just sent this rod back to sage and am waiting on it): $325 SALE PENDING
    sage rplxi 10 weight 3 piece: $350
    sage XI2 11 weight with foregrip: $425
    sage XI2 12 weight with foregrip: $450
    sage rplxi 12 weight with foregrip: $$375
    sage XI2 14 weight with foregrip: $475
    Loomis streamdance GLX 9 foot 5 weight: $375
    Loomis GLX 9 foot 9 weight 4 piece: $325

    (all Abels are black)
    Abel super 4 with extra spool (both spools come with backing and barely used trout lines): $450
    Abel super 5 with extra spool (big game spool for versatility) : $500
    Abel super 5: $350
    Abel super 7: $475
    Abel super 7: $475
    Abel super 7: $475
    Abel super 8: $525
    Abel super 9 with extra spool: $775
    Tibor freestone: $400
    Tibor riptide with extra spool (silver): $695
    Tibor gulfstream (gorilla grip handle) with extra spool(red) (waiting to get this reel back from tibor, it's in for servicing): $690
    Tibor Gulfstream (gorilla grip handle) (black) : $500
    Tibor pacific (gorilla grip handle) (blue) (also waiting to get back from servicing from Tibor): $515
    Ross momentum #7 with extra spool (black): $565
    Hardy featherweight fly reel: $275

    TFO pro series 12"6 6 weight spey: $120
    Orvis trident TL mid flex 7.5 8"4 4 piece 3 weight: $150
    Elkhorn traveler 9 foot 4 piece 8 weight (elkhorn is a neat company that really stands behind its product and makes good rods): $165
    Elkhorn traveler 9 foot 4 piece 9 weight: $180
    Elkhorn western 9 foot 2 piece 7 weight: $130
    Elkhorn Big Game 9 foot 3 piece 11 weight: $190
    Elkhorn 7 foot 2 piece 1 weight: SALE PENDING
    Elkhorn 9 foot 5 weight 7 piece rod: $160
    Elkhorn 8"6 4 weight 7 piece rod: $150
    Cabelas Clear Creek 6 foot 5 weight, Cabelas Clear Creek 5"5 4 weight (these are great little stream rods!...asking $50 apiece)
    Fenwick cofi 9 foot 4 piece 5 weight (another classic, great nymph rod): $275
    Winston Ibis 7"6 3 piece 4 weight: $175
    Sage DS2 7"6 2 piece 4 weight: $75

    Bauer M1 with extra spool : $225
    Orvis CFO disc drag reel with 2 extra spools: $265
    Loomis Adventure #5 reel: $70
    Elkhorn CRC3 reel with extra spool: 50
    Elkhorn T4 reel: $50
    Orvis vintage CFO 123 reel click and pawl made in england with extra spool: $250

    sage Case for 2 4 piece 9 foot rods with reels attached: $45 SALE PENDING
    Fishpond travel rod tube case:$50

    Tight lines -Loren Elliott
  2. I'm interested in the Nautilus #10 reel with extra spool (silver). Email Sent.
  3. ...list the prices, save everyone the hassle of sending a message...
  4. Ya, i'm interested in the Gulfstream too, both. The non-price thing is jacked. Sending another email. :)
  5. Interested in the Bauer. You should price your stuff man.
  6. I thought I had a lot of gear!
  7. Im interested in the 12 XI2 with for grip PM sent
  8. What size(s) are the two Ross Evolutions?
  9. prices now listed above...
  10. Forgot to mention the Bauer comes with an extra spool, so reel and spool would be a total of $275. Thanks -Loren
  11. how much for the xps? and super 4 and 5?
  12. PM sent on the Sage GFL
  13. How much for the Hardy Featherweight? What size CFO and price? Price for the evolutions and color if not sold? Thanks.
  14. Hey Loren, the prices you've quoted so far seem really fair and the chance is good you will sell a majority of this stuff here. The time it will take you to list each of these items individually on ebay is a fraction of the time it will take you to price them here. Do us all a favor and follow the forum guidelines and list a price.
  15. how much for the RPLXi 990-5? What's the deal with the Sage trip? What was the damage?

    Put some prices out there.
  16. Ross momentum #7 with extra spool.
    How much are you looking for?

  17. Ok sorry again guys, I do apologize, in my haste I didn't realize my bad etiquette, won't happen again....I am working on listing all the prices right now and will post it asap.... -Loren
  18. The 9 weight 5 piece RPLXI: sent it back because a section slid up while casting (didn't tape it) and on forward stroke the last 1/16th of an inch of the male section broke off, so I am having it replaced at SAGE right now. Comes with sock and tube.
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