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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Speyrod GB, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. Speyrod GB

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    I had about 4 hours this afternoon to play with. There was a break in the weather and my options were ride the scooter (motorcycle), mow the lawn, piddle dink around or search for sea runs. I chose searching for sea runs.

    I went to a beach I seldom fish anymore because I bought a boat. Not sure why i bought the boat, maybe because I don't really like listening to kids scream while mom is texting on her phone. Really, you bring your kids to the beach, pay attention to them. Enough!

    I needed a reason to try out my now stripping basket. Thanks to the folks at Puget Sound Fly Co, I purchased a new basket. My William Joseph mesh basket needed a change. I will try berry picking with it in the fall.

    Moving along now. I arrived about 4 hours before high tide. I chose a clouser to start off with. I had one hit and a brief battle with a small fish. I was happy. The sun was masked by clouds, a slight wind and I found a willing fish.

    A fly change provided another opportunity. This brute hit moments after the fly landed. The fish was about 16- 17 inches and fat. Sorry no pics. A short time later, I released another fish about the same size from about 40 feet away, My day was getting better and the rolled muddler was getting beat up. :)

    As I got the "sweet spot", I thought I needed to wade a little deeper. As usual, I was wrong!!! A fish rolled about 12 feet in front of me. I understood the message and backed up.

    A short time later I hooked another 14 inch fat SRC. A great afternoon of testing a new stripping basket if you ask me.
  2. rotato

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    New lucky stripping basket
    Nice work
  3. Tacoma Red

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    You just earned a unicorn sticker.
  4. Jered

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    Nice! Good day of fishing and a sticker. Doesn't get better than that.
  5. Eyejuggler

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    Sounds like a super positive outing! Very cool and grats!
  6. Speyrod GB

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    Any day on the water is a good day. Hooking and catching SRC is a bonus.
  7. bennysbuddy

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    Is a unicorn sticker better that the kitty sticker?
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  8. Stonefish

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    It depends on if the Unicorn is leaping a rainbow.
  9. Tacoma Red

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    Time for a sticker grading system
  10. Bagman

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    As Stone fish seem to be our beach clean up guy. I have this one set aside for Stonefish image.jpg I just have to find out how to get it to him?
  11. Stonefish

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    I'm honored Bagman. ;)
    You are correct as well, I hate litter on our beaches.
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