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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Evan Virnoche, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. I've heard some very entertaining stories about people swinging Dick Nites (one very clever fellow WFF member noted that: "when you swing a Dick Nite on a spey rod, it is preferred nomenclature to refer to them as a "Penis Evening") for cohos and what have you.
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  2. There is an item called the Wells Spoon. It was made to be cast with a fly rod. It is one of the most deadly lures out there and throwing one with a spey rod using tips increases its effectiveness by several factors. The line control gained with the longer rod and using various tips for depth control give you total control of the lure and its presentation. Absolutely deadly on coho. The death star of spoons.
  3. I believe the Penis Evening nomenclature was a joint effort invention of Orangeradish and myself.
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  4. I can't seem to find the thread. But I believe you are correct Evan. Very clever, got some serious yuks outta that one. Well played good sir.
  5. so do you just run a Skagit head with a sink tip? im looking at the setup for gear fisherman, and they recommend swinging it. downstream and I jive with that. I also found in my searches that it isn't uncommon for fly fishers to use a spoon on a fly rod. just goes to show how ignorant I am about gear fishing. I guess for some reason when I hear spoon I think 3"metal with treble hooks coming off it in 9 directions
  6. You said it...;)

    While I don't typically practice the art of spoon/spey rod, I do have some friends that ALWAYS have a dick nite in their pocket for such occasions. Yes, if you go with the smaller wee dick nite, could probably toss it with a scandi. Oh man, that'll get the tweed crowd in a fit. Grease lining a spoon... LOL
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  7. Dick Nite spoons are typically lighter than most flies
  8. as I recall it was "Penis ENVY"
  9. hahaha im going to try this tomorrow night hahaha. I could run a dick nite on the stilly too as long as its single barbless and from a fly rod correct?

    you had me dying at grease lining a spoon
  10. I actually don't think that's legal on the stilly.

    I've honestly only ever thrown the Dick Nite on the fly rod for pinks two years ago. But a lot of guys do it for steelhead.
  11. No - the rules say you need fur - hackle - feathers - etc. covering half of the shank
    you would need to fish below the bridge in town
  12. Sometimes for pinks and coho the Dick Nite rocks it. Might be easier to throw on a fly line. Ever try to toss a dick nite with a bait caster?
  13. I haven't ever used a baitcaster. that would explain why the gear guys run the snap swivel with 2-4ft slinky and 3-6 feet of leader off of it to get it down.
  14. I just wonder if 15ft of t-14 or rio type 8 would be overkill with a spoon
  15. I toss a dicknite or a Wells Spoon with a bait caster when ever I want coho for dinner. I use a basic drift setup, swivel with about 8 to 10 inches of leader to weight and another length of leader about 30 inches to spoon. Cast and swing just like a fly. Use lighter line to the sinker so you can break it off when it hangs. Works very well if you know where to fish it. It is more fun with a spey rod but the bait caster is a more effecient means of fishing if meat is what you are after.
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  16. you asked for it, dont complain! ya got a long river to fish, and ya pick a spot where all the gearheads congregate, amazed ya didnt get shot, yelled at or rocks thrown at ya, sounds like a lucky day, i wouldnt be mad.:)
  17. The dick nite is so light it's even difficult to cast with a spinning reel. Maybe try some flash flies. I think they look "spoon like" in the water. If I was to spoon fish I would do it with a more conventional set up - one that is geared up for spoons. I have a 6' G Loomis bass rod that kills it with spinners or spoons - I fished the shit out of it not too long ago but usually stick with the fly rod now. I've been known to chuck the gear - especially in winter when the water is up and colored
  18. Actually, I am just curious what would posses a fly guy to even go up there on that section?

  19. This is what I thought when i read 2-4ft slinky:

    4ft slinky.jpg
  20. funny

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