Low holed and pocket picked

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Evan Virnoche, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. Not heading. This thread is distasteful. Belongs over in anything goes.
  2. double post
  3. For the record, the thread was distasteful from the get go...
  4. There it is...
  5. I'd like to learn more about these bacon tactics.
  6. Saw it with my own two eyes.
  7. Usually dumping a giant lead-eyed intruder with a 2/0 hook at their feet a handful of times(followed by menacing glares) gets the point across. Then again I am large, brown, and not friendly looking.
    PS a t-shirt with the logo of, "I like it when the city boys squeal" is always helpful.
    Hope this helps!

  8. Keep in mind the t-shirt should be 2 sizes too small.

  9. OOOOOOOOOO we got an internet tough guy in here!
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  10. I wonder what sort of good could be done if the fly, gear, etc. guys could all rally as one against the commies instead of against each other AND the commies?
  11. who do the communist fly fishers rally against?
  12. I haven't read every post of this thread so forgive me if someone else already posted this. I think the problem was due to not knowing. I have always fished for trout. I didn't know anything about swinging for steelhead until about a year ago. Until I read about how steelheaders start at the top of a run & step their way down, i had no idea what they were doing. The low holer's may have no idea they're interfering with your fishing.
  13. Yep! You nailed it right on the head there guy! ;)
  14. I think this is the most likely explanation: ignorance. It's not malicious...they just didn't know they were in your way.
  15. Been away for a week and already you're in trouble BT you should have called me I could have saved you some grief.

  16. He may be an internet tough guy but I like the idea of the undersized t-shirt.
  17. When water flows are lower you can wade from popular spots to some decent semi unused spots......that is the best I can describe it.
  18. So I've never been to reiter - I've always just avoided it because on the internet everyone always says that the gear guys are spawn from the devil, they're assholes, and they're always low holing, knuckle draggers - and that reiter was their alien egg laying breeding ground.

    So anyhow I pulled up to reiter last sunday and saw a humongous dude walking back to his car with a bright steelhead on a stick. "Ahhhhhh, here's a miscreant", I thought to myself. I congratulated him on his catch and said, "good job"! I expected the fur on his neck to stand up and prepared to duck what remained of his shrimp cup, but instead..... he just said "THANKS"!

    I didn't really know what to do at this point. I mean, damn.... that was a semi normal answer...... "THANKS". Was this code for "get emmmmmm boys"! I considered it and scanned the bushes, but not a person rustled and not a note of banjo either.

    "Are you headed down there with your spey rod"? "Ohhhhhhh shit" I thought, here it is. As soon as I verbally acknowledge that this 12ft long pole on the side of my rig is mine..... it's donkey kong time. "Yeeeeah, never been here before and thought I'd just poke around".

    "Well, you're in luck, there's only three guys down there and they're all at the top. If you wade out by that big boulder the water is moving just right at the tail out. I saw a few fish rolling at the base of the tail out, so you'll be certainly swinging over some fish. I hiked way down to get this one... nice walk. Best of luck to you"!

    Huh. Son of a bitch. A nice guy. Some real information. No attitude.

    I think i'm switching to gear. I'll still swing flies, but with a bait caster - slinky - and a tube fly pegged two feet up off a swivel... right in the zone... sick drifts every time.

  19. Not spawn of the devil. Terminal area hatchery blood holes are typically crowded with fishermen when there are decent numbers of fish in, or the general thought is that some fish should be in. Crowded areas usually, but not always, bring out the least common denominator of human behavior, and it's usually not the best. So the reputations are well earned and not just some hype. You encountered a different condition, with only 3 other anglers present. For comparison's sake I suggest you walk in again some time when there are 16 or more fishing rigs parked in the lot. Chances are you'll experience another type of human behavior.

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  20. I honestly wasn't even planning to fish it because I figured it'd be a zoo. I got to the parking lot and there were only about 6 vehicles in the lot. The last time I was there the lot was filled with about 30 cars and I looked around and left without even going to the water.

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