Low Tides

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by miyawaki, Apr 10, 2013.

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    Extreme low tides kill fishing and bring out clammers.


    Victor Low.JPG
  2. Bob Triggs Your Preferred Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing Guide

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    No Whining.
  3. Steve Saville Active Member

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    Just think about all the moving water when the tide changes.:)
  4. Jack Devlin Active Member

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    Extreme lows give us the opportunity to see what the bottom looks like. This can be especially helpful when we fish a new spot. I usually take a few photographs and maybe pick a few clams:).
  5. Jim Wallace Smells like low tide

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    I agree with all of the above responses.
    Tomorrow morning I'm going for my Razor clams here. Then I might find myself wandering out on the tide flats to where I might poke up some sand shrimp so that I can take 'em back to the ocean beaches, lash the little critters to a hook, and proceed with the onerous task of prospecting the incoming tide for surf perch. With bait and a 3 oz pyramid sinker, I might have a chance at finding some Red Tails. Its a thankless job, but somebody has to do it.
    I have been scouting the beach for decent looking perch water at various phases of the tide, and have a few spots in mind. (There's a good one about 150 yards north of the decomposing harbor seal carcass).
  6. Eyejuggler Beech Nut

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    That's one of my favorite beaches btw! :) There are HUGE herds of Sand Dollars out there, almost scary actually.
  7. freestoneangler Not to be confused with Freestone

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    I see someone has moved my rock... I'm telling ya, nothing is sacred these days.
  8. Jim Wallace Smells like low tide

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    The minus tide was right on schedule yesterday, but the wind and rain rode in on the incoming push, brandishing their sabers and sending me fleeing back into hiding before I could make it to the surf perch spot I had in mind.
    Its OK, though. I made wise use of the storm front, and finally finished doing my taxes.:) This frees up the rest of the next 3 days!
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