Lower Yak Bass

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species' started by Steve J., May 12, 2010.

  1. We fished the West Richland area yesterday and had a pretty decent day - about 20 Smallmouth to hand total with the biggest in the 3-4 pound range. The fishing in the AM was tough using some of our consistent producing flies - black and yellow conehead zonkers (aka Bass Buster). We did wade and cast switch rods some (TFO 7110 with the AFS line and a 10' versi leaders), and single hand 8 weights with Teeny 300 grain lines. We also fished the day before, which was cloudy, and we hooked alot of fish in riffles 2-3 feet deep, but the fish were not there in the bright sun. We caught most of our fish on smaller flies (sz 8's and 10's, lightly weighted olive and orange buggers and crayfish) in slower, deeper (4-6 feet) water. We did hook into one big fish that accelerated rapidly downriver into heavy current and was about 50 yards into backing when it spit the hook. We've hooked a lot of Carp, but this accelerated differently - I'd guess a Springer, maybe a big Catfish. I'll be down there a lot over the next 2 weeks. Let me know if you have any questions.

  2. Hi Steve, That sounds like a fun time throwing line and not knowing what you could hook into. I am going over Friday to fish the lower Yak from the bank. Any ideas on a good place to look for access? I was looking at a map and Horn Rapids County Park looked like a possibility.
  3. There are some nice gravel bars you can wade to at this level just upstream of Twin Bridges (off Grosscup Rd), and the big flat in the center of the river right at the Snively boat launch has been productive. There have been guys wading there nearly every day.
  4. Now that the water level has risen---what should I do?
  5. Wait until it comes down a little! We fished it Sunday - visibility was not great (12"-18"), but we've caught fish in less. The flows were high enough at 4500 cfs that wading woud have been very difficult. Water temps were much cooler, the wind was blowing like crazy, and we had poor fishing. It should be back in shape by midweek this week and good fishing for the upcoming weekend. In higher flows and off color water, we use bigger dark colored flies (browns and blacks).
  6. Thanks---I will try to float it this weekend.

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