Lower Yuba River --CA

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Davy, Apr 5, 2004.

  1. WOW! ,flew down to fish with family ,fished below the dam and fished in one 200-300 yard side channel all afternoon.Gin Clear water and big rainbows!! What a difference to the Yakima- in terms of water,fish size and quantity.Fished PMD Cripples#18 and 20 in the morning and each of us took 4 or five fish all 17" and up to a 21" whopper.Switched to nymphs,#14 A.P.Black with #20 Copper Johns droppers that worked well to the tune of 7 or eight,then the March Browns came off in the late afternoon and we must have got 16 or 17 total on #10 MB cripples.What a day!!.Another plus is the fish eat in the morning so you don't have to wait until 11 or 12 to start fishing.Anyway- if anyone goes down there I highly recommend the Yuba ,atleast before the general trout opener on the other famous streams in CA.
  2. sorry meant for general forum- 1st in the line with the sign"idiots"

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