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    The other evening at our Cigar&Whisky club, one of the guys told this story. I thought you might get a kick out of it also. His name's George Lang, retired State Trooper.

    Seems George had to appear in court up in Omak one day on a DUI he'd issued, and while waiting for the case to come up, he's sitting in court listening to other cases. The judge had a case of an "elk" hunter shooting someone's horse... We've all heard these stories, I'm sure. The judge asks the guy if he has anything to say in his defense, and the idiot says "You honor, I truly though it was an elk; it acted like one, looked like one, and I really thought it was an elk". To this, the judge replied "and what did you think was riding on this elk???".

    I was reading a copy of Eastman's Hunting Journal and saw a report about a guy who came west for his first elk hunt; drove from New Jersey to Montana, shot his elk, and was checking in with the game warden, who said to the guy, "nice Llama; where'd you get him?".

    And to think, I once believed the jungles of Vietnam were dangerous:eek:
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    Haha, a retired Wyoming game warden told me about catching some California guys that came out deer hunting and shot a moose.
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    "Alright, buddy . . . you can have your Elk; just let me get my saddle off it."
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    My buddies wife had her buck-skin quarter horse killed in Idaho. Yup, thought it was an elk.
  5. Alex MacDonald

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    I really wish these clowns would stay in the cities: make the woods safer for the rest of us!

    Some of you guys have heard this story, but two years ago in the Manashtash Unit elk hunting, I left camp and went into town for a shower and some supplies. When I got back, there were meat bags hanging in the tree. After the high fives, I walked back to my tent, and noticed a dark red stripe with "parts" in it, running all the way from the top of the tent, at 8 feet, across the dirt to the road, where there was clearly a puddle of dried blood. As I began picking parts of meat out of the stripe on the tent, I asked what this was from. Jan says (in his most outrageous Czech accent); "well, you had the axe, and we couldn't lift the thing into the tree, so we fired up the Husqvarna and quartered it so we could hang it"! Seems they begged an illegaly-shot cow off the wildlife officers who punched Jan's tag and signed it off, so they wound up with an elk.