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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Metalonthefly, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. Friend and I fished a MA 10 beach for 1 hour this AM at sunup.

    5 solid hits with two fish hooked.

    One of the hits had some heft and we suspect (as we fisherman always do) that it was a Coho. We also saw one fish jump near shore that appeared to be a Coho.
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  2. Probably just pinks. If you're seeing them jump around there, that's the most likely culprit now. And the pinks have been big, and very hard pulling the last two runs. I've had some pretty excellent fights from the big males complete with backing out the guides, cartwheels, and tailwalks.
  3. anything on Tacoma yet? or I should say Brown's point. thanks.
    happy pink fishin an tight lines to all.
  4. 99% sure the one that jumped was a Coho. Too large for a pink and it was only about 10 feet from us.

    Also pretty certain the heavy hit was a Coho by the way the rod bent :)
  5. We were in the northern 1/3 of MA 10. Can't speak to Tacoma, but would suspect they're on their way.
  6. At this time of the year, you're likely to encounter pinks that are considerably larger then the resident coho.
    That will change once the larger ocean coho start showing up in good numbers.
    Could have been a sockeye as well since you were in northern MA 10.
  7. I don't find the coho to fight considerably harder, if at all, pound for pound. And lately, it's not uncommon to get pinks in the 8-9lb range.
  8. I always wonder about sockeye. Does anybody really catch them as they run to Lake Washington?

    Th pink I caught this weekend was really strong.
  9. db,
    I have no experience with sockeye. Based on what I've heard from another angler I really respect, they are very difficult to catch in the salt.
    Lots of schools swimming by but you are lucky if you hook up.
  10. - Very much hoping that we see the same representation of the alpha-pinks in this year's run.

    - Has anyone else experienced periods of time when it seems like you are catching all males, or all females? It could be me superimposing patterns on random coin-flips, but there were days when it seemed like I was getting all of one or the other.
  11. The Pink salmon I have caught do a lot of thrashing and very little in the way of runs, unfortunately.

    This is not a small sampling of Pinks either as I take my son out in the boat to fish them with gear each year, as well as the fly rod. These fish simply love to pick up a falling buzz bomb.

    As for male fish, I recall catching proportionately more early in the run and then at the "tail" end of the run. Same with Coho I believe.

  12. Was there this morning. Saw maybe 10-12 landed.
  13. very good fight action last run on the snohomish pinks. more than a few pulled line off the reel.
    do see some "all males" for a time in the river. not sure if they bite first sometimes or not.
  14. I find the females/males to be different. The females seem to thrash more, the males seem to run and jump more.
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  15. Evan. Cool. I will have to keep a watch out for this as the season progresses.

    Just fished south of Keystone for an hour with about 300 of my friends. The beach was glistening with monofilament as you looked north and south.

    Saw 3 fish landed from my vantage point.
  16. We're talkin' fish, right? ;)
  17. I've only caught 3 sockeyes from the salt. All 3 fish was caught on bobber and herring off the pier in Seacrest and Edmonds. But that was many moons and yes...them sockeye was delicious.

    I love how big shoulder pinks fight, but for table value. I'll take a silver over a pink. But the last time i taste pink salmon in 2011, it wasn't too bad all. especially when they are bright shiny fish in the salt. And Smoking any kind of Salmon is a win.
  18. golfman, did ya fish? thanks for the report. will be at BP early in the morn.

  19. I did fish but no success. After 6am the crowds showed and I became more concerned with hitting someone with my line than I did with fishing. Steve said hey to me and told me I should have moved down the beach once the crowds arrive. I'll definitely do that next time. I did see about a dozen or so caught between 5am-9
  20. why should you move? I stay in my spot and the crowd can move if they don like my flyfishing. I get real tired when the gearheads try to take over, they can all move. on the rivers and the gearheads are there then I will find another spot so they can do the same. just my feelings about it. tight lines all.

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